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The idea of true love is alive and well in the United States. In fact, according to a Valentine’s Day poll conducted by Monmouth University Polling Institute, two-thirds of Americans believe in the idea of there being a ‘soulmate,’ a person out there that is destined to be with them.

Romantic, is it not? The idea that there is someone out there walking the world that you are meant to discover, fall madly in love and spend your life with. It really makes it feel as though the roller coaster known as the dating game is actually worth the struggle.

While we believe that this person exists, the actual process of finding them is often far more challenging than we would like it to be. Sure, you could be one of those lucky souls that cross paths with their soulmate at a young age, meeting in high school or something equally as sweet (nauseatingly sweet). However, for most of us, the process of finding our soul mate is a long, challenging, painful process of kissing toads until you come across your prince/princess.

How do you know if you have found the one? Watch for these 9 signs:

#1 – They help you to be the best version of yourself.

A soulmate will encourage you to push yourself and become the absolute best version of yourself, regardless of how difficult it may be. If you should find yourself falling into a comfort zone, your soulmate will remind you of all that you have to gain by stepping into the unknown and continuing on this journey of self-discovery.

#2 – You are comfortable sharing in the silence together.

Anyone can enjoy the crazy and exciting moments of life, feeding off the energy and positivity. However, when the day comes to an end, the parties are over, and everyone else has gone home, you enjoy the moments of peace and quiet spent together. You don’t have to actually do anything when you are spending time together, able to enjoy just spending time together at the moment.

#3 – You are not only lovers, you are one another’s best friends.

It is often said that the best relationships are friendship, and this couldn’t be more accurate. You have not only connected on a romantic level; your relationship extends beyond that. You are lovers, teammates, best friends, and supporters. This well-rounded aspect of your relationship sets it apart from every relationship that has come before this.

#4 – They bring you feelings of happiness and peace.

When you first meet your soulmate, you will find yourself feeling completely at peace. It is as if it was meant to be, and this is the calming feeling that you have been searching for all this time. This doesn’t mean there is nothing more to the relationship, but the deepest and most meaningful relationships are also the ones that bring us a feeling of contentment and comfort.

#5 – You support one another in the quest to achieve your goals and dreams.

A relationship with your soulmate means having someone that not only sees where you are going in life but will go out of your way to support you in your efforts. They are your cheerleader, your greatest fan and the person who will be standing by your side when your journey is the most challenging. Your goals and dreams are no longer just your own, they are now shared between you, helping one another to reach them.

#6 – You feel as though you naturally understand one another completely.

It’s not something that you feel you have to work to accomplish or struggle with, if you listen to your heart then you just know what your soulmate is feeling at the moment. This ability to understand one another without having to speak a single word is a sign of just how close your relationship is, connected body, mind, and soul.

#7 – Your arguments and disagreements aren’t a negative thing, they are a chance to grow.

Finding your soulmate doesn’t mean that you will suddenly find yourself in a perfect little bubble where nothing ever goes wrong or challenges you. To the contrary, you will have disagreements, arguments, and challenges, however, you view them in a very different way. Rather than seeing them as a negative experience that can tear you apart you see these trials as a chance to learn and grow.

#8 – You are able to communicate with one another openly and without hesitation.

While you may be able to connect and understand what your partner is feeling in many situations, you can’t actually read one another’s minds. Communication is still an essential part of your relationship, and it is one that you both do incredibly well. You don’t fear judgment or conflict from sharing your opinions, openly communicating with one another, and respecting each other’s opinions even if you don’t share them.

#9 – They leave you feeling safe and secure in your relationship.

Your soulmate isn’t interested in petty games or drama, and they certainly aren’t going to manipulate, lie or deceive you. While you may have experienced toxic relationships in the past, this isn’t something you have to worry about any longer. You feel completely safe and secure with your soulmate, trusting them with your heart 110%, and they give you no reason to feel otherwise.

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