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Narcissistic personality disorder is a disorder characterized by a person who has a grandiose sense of self and an abusive nature when handling others. Due to this, it’s needless to say that they can cause deep harm to the people that love them the most.

In a relationship, a narcissist will begin by love-bombing, or by acting on their best behavior. They will lead their new partner to believe they are a prince or princess charming, arriving to save the day. Then, as the relationship goes on, their mask begins to slip, and their true nature is revealed. By then, their partner may become confused, believing that cannot be their true nature. They may not even notice many of the abuses, because they are covert and subtle in their attacks.

One of the ways a narcissist attacks is through manipulation and emotional abuse. One form of this is the silent treatment. And while some may laugh at this, I promise, there are 8 solid reasons why this can be destructive on a person’s well-being.

1. It makes you feel crazy.

When you haven’t done anything wrong, and someone you love just goes silent on you, you are likely going to wonder what happened. You may reach out and call them, or try to talk, and they sit there in silence. The first reaction most have to this is anger or upset, but then, they call you crazy.

2. It makes you feel confused.

Because most people don’t act like this, you may be confused. “Why are they going silent?” you may ask yourself. However, there is no logical reason to be found.

3. It makes you cling to them harder.

In many cases, when someone goes cold all of a sudden, it can make the other partner cling. “What have I done?” you may ask. “Can I make it better?” And the more you cling, the more they pull away.

4. It makes you feel ashamed.

Because you are confused, and unaware of why they are treating you this way, most would assume they have done something wrong. In turn, they may feel unnecessary shame.

5. It makes you feel as though you aren’t good enough.

Another byproduct of the narcissistic silent treatment is the feeling that you must not be good enough. Somewhere deep down to your core, when you love someone with all your heart, and they turn their back for seemingly no reason, you may be pushed to think there is something deeply wrong with you.

6. It makes you feel as though they never loved you.

The narcissist wants you to feel as though they couldn’t care less. They could take you or leave you. Normal people don’t act like this. People with feelings won’t turn their back and go cold on the person they love, without exhausting every resource they have first. So, when someone does this, you have to wonder if they ever cared at all.

7. It shifts the power dynamic.

With all of these difficult and damaging feelings, you may feel powerless. And that is exactly what the narcissist wants: their supply of power and control.

8. It breaks you down.

Finally, you will begin to break down. You may do whatever it takes to keep going, or you may break down entirely, and pull back from them never to turn back. The damage a narcissist can cause will leave pain that you may even have to seek therapy to heal from.

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