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Empaths are the most genuine and loving individuals among us, sent to bring peace and healing to an otherwise broken world. While this certainly involves a great deal of responsibility, they are also armed with some incredible spiritual gifts to assist them in their efforts, gifts that are often overlooked.

Contrary to popular belief, when you turn on the local news, the United States is full of empathy. In fact, in a study assessing the level of empathy present in 63 different nations of the world, the United States ranked #7, which is quite impressive! Among those that exhibit this level of empathy are the true empaths, a group of people that possess such great compassion for others that they will spend their lives bringing healing, peace, and love to those that need it most. This often leaves them feeling physically, mentally and emotionally drained, but they see this as a small price to pay for the difference that they are capable of making.

It can be difficult and thankless work, often requiring great self-sacrifice. However, it is important to note that they aren’t sent into this world without a number of gifts, or spiritual tools, to assist them in their efforts.

Here are 8 powerful spiritual gifts that are possessed by every true empath:

#1 – You demonstrate an incredibly deep level of compassion.

While compassion itself isn’t often seen as a spiritual gift, you take this to a whole new level. Not only do you identify the feelings that people outwardly show to the world, putting forward your best efforts to be there for them in any way possible, you also connect with their inner feelings, the ones that the ones that they keep hidden from the world.

#2 – You possess a strong sixth sense.

Have you ever felt as though you just know that something is about to go wrong? This is sixth sense hard at work. Warning you about everything from major natural disasters to a minor injury from making a stupid choice – pay attention to what this sense is trying to tell you.

#3 – You experience heightened senses.

It may sound crazy, but the love that empaths have for the world around them means that sounds are richer, smells are more intense and food tastes better than it does for the rest of the world. Every experience in your life is truly a gift, and you refuse to take it for granted.

#4 – You are a natural born healer.

If you have been sent her with one purpose in this life, it is to bring healing and love to the people that you encounter along the way. This is why you are so in tune with their pain and suffering. Just your presence can help others to find peace and comfort in life.

#5 – You are highly creative.

Many of the worlds greatest artists, musicians, and writers are actually empaths. Their ability to understand and connect with emotion on a deeper level than the rest of the world allows them to harness these emotions in their chosen creative expression. Their creations touch people on a deeper, more profound level, driving their success.

#6 – You are capable of a deeper, more intense connection with others.

While we all establish relationships in our lives at some level, the depth of your relationships exceeds anything that most people could even begin to imagine. This is due to your ability to truly understand others on such a deep and meaningful level, opening the door for this type of deeper connection.

#7 – You are a natural lie detector.

If someone thinks that they are going to pull the wool over your eyes, they are sadly mistaken. Your ability to tune into the thoughts and emotions of those that you meet allows you to see past the surface to their true intentions. This means that you can spot a liar coming a mile away.

#8 – You are a master of nonverbal communication.

While verbal communication is, without debate, important in our lives, many of us overlook the power that nonverbal communication holds. You are more in tune to these fine details, picking up on facial expressions, body language and the undertone of the messages that others share with you.

Image via The Power of Silence