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Empaths are individuals who have been gifted with the ability to connect with the emotional energy and thoughts of others around them. This doesn’t just refer to acknowledging these thoughts and feelings in others but actually experiencing them first hand. This extends beyond simply being sensitive.

This ability to understand people at such a deep and personal level empowers Empaths to be great healers, helping those around them through some of life’s most difficult challenges. While this truly is a gift, and a great one, life as an Empath also has its downfalls. Following time spent with others, many Empaths report feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. In order to avoid these struggles, and empower yourself to use your gift more effectively, you must learn the necessary techniques to ground yourself, banish negative energy and welcome positivity into your life.

8 Essential Grounding Techniques for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People:

#1 – Essential Oils and Incense

The use of aromatherapy is currently a hot topic, attracting the attention of Americans across the country. Offering solutions for allergies, physical pains, headaches, and stress, there is an option for everything – and this includes helping to ground you! Recommended oils to banish negative energy and attract positivity include juniper, pine, sweetgrass, sage, and cedar.

#2 – Make Time for ‘Me Time’

This is often overlooked, but SO important. When you are putting together your schedule for the week, be sure to carve out some time that is just for you. This may be 10 minutes to take a walk outdoors, or an hour at home with a hot cup of tea and your favorite book. Whatever the task, the goal is to spend some quiet time alone with just yourself, allowing you to take a break from the drain of being around people all day.

#3 – Smudging

One of the risks for an empath is that they will bring a negative or toxic energy into their home from their day to day experiences. Once this energy takes root, it will continue to infect their life on a daily basis. If you believe that there may be negative energies in your home, smudging is an effective way to banish them and welcome positivity into the space. This most often done with white sage, but can also be done with frankincense, Palo Santo, copal or Nag Champa.

#4 – Water

One of the basic natural elements, water can be highly effective in managing the energies in your life. This may be as simple as taking a shower or bath, allowing the water to wash your body free of negativity, or embracing the calming and centering properties of the rain by standing outside or taking a walk, allowing the rain to wash over you. Regardless of how you choose to approach it, take it a step further than simply washing your physical self by envisioning the water washing your mind and soul free of negativity.

#5 – Create Healthy Boundaries

When an empath is around other people they are always at risk for the energy vultures and individuals who will take advantage of all that they have to offer. This isn’t to say that you need to shut yourself off to everyone, however, to remain grounded an empath needs to selectively choose when they are making this connection and when they are protecting themselves. To create an effective boundary or shield, allow yourself to visualize a shield surrounding you, repelling attempts to reach your energy. Remember, you choose when to let this shield down.

#6 – Learn to Say No

This point goes along with the idea of setting boundaries. Not only do you need to protect your energy from those who may try to take it, but you also need to learn to put your foot down and say ‘No.’ As an empath, you are often your own worst enemy, determined to help everyone regardless of the cost to your own life. Start setting limitations for yourself and stick with them.

#7 – Meditation

An incredibly effective way to quiet your mind and help you to find that calm, centered place, meditation should be part of your daily routine. You don’t necessarily need to find an hour for a long session, but by taking just 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to practice some meditation and deep breathing exercises, you can make a significant difference in your overall well being.

#8 – Seek the Assistance of a Professional

If you have tried all of the above tips and tricks, and are still struggling, then it may be time to seek help. Take the time to research your options and seek out a qualified energy practitioner whose skills, talents and methods line up with your personal needs. Trust your intuition.

Image via E-Buddhism