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The world of dating can be a difficult one to navigate. You may meet someone online, deciding to take the relationship to the next level by meeting in person. Maybe you were set up by some well-meaning friends, determined to help you find that perfect woman.

Regardless of how you get here, you are now sitting across the table from a beautiful woman during your first date and trying to read the messages she may or may not be sending you.

How do you know if she is genuinely interested in you, or if she is counting down the minutes until she can escape from a date gone wrong? While she may not come out and verbally share how she’s feeling, she may be sending you a lot more messages than you are aware. Everything from the way she sits, facial expressions, body movements and where her gaze is directed can reveal whether she is ‘feeling it’ during this date if you learn how to read it.

Source: Inna Lesyk | Pexels

Here are 8 signs that she truly likes you:

#1 – Physical Contact

A fairly obvious tip-off if you’re watching for it, is she comfortable with making physical contact with you? This doesn’t mean she has to lock in a passionate embrace, instead, look at the smaller touches that one may share. Did she brush your arm? Did she playfully shove you when you told a joke? Has she touched your hand even briefly? If you do brush up against one another, is she quick to pull away or does she linger for a moment? If she is initiating physical contact, and she is comfortable with it, that’s a good sign that she’s interested.

#2 – The Mirror Effect

Watch her hand gestures, facial expressions and the way that she is sitting. Is she naturally mimicking your own body language? If so, this is an effort to make a connection with you on a subconscious level. For example, If you rest your elbow on the table, does she follow suit? If you pick up your drink and then gesture with it while talking, does she do the same?

#3 – Nodding Her Head

This may be a highly subtle sign, but if you notice it, it can be significant. If she is nodding her head, even if it is incredibly subtle, this is a sign that she is enjoying what you are sharing or is in agreement with what you have to say. If you notice no head movement and the absence of a smile or noticeable expression, then it is time to change the conversation.

#4 – Twirling Her Hair

While it may seem like a nervous twitch or habit, the action of playing with or twirling her hair actually has a deeper underlying meaning. Whether she is running her fingers through her hair, twirling it around her fingers, tucking it back in place or simply running her hand over the top smoothing it down into place, what she is actually doing is subconsciously grooming herself. On a deeper level, she knows that she is interested, and she is trying to look good for you.

#5 – It’s in the Legs

If you pay attention to what a woman is doing with her legs it can reveal a lot about how she’s feeling. As cheesy as it may sound, when she’s walking with you, does she have a ‘spring’ in her step? When standing near you is she stoic and motionless or does she rock back and forth. Look at the way she’s sitting. If she’s crossed her legs with her upper leg moving slightly she is engaged whereas sitting with her legs firmly together and feet flat on the ground motionless is a sign she’s bored.

#6 – Leaning into You

Your body language can reveal a lot about how you are feeling in a situation. Look at the way she is seated or standing in relation to where you are at any given moment. If she is leaning away from you, she is creating distance, however, if she is leaning into you that is a sign of interest. She is trying to get closer, actively engaging and trying to hear all that you have to say.

#7 – Look Her in The Eyes

Eye contact is a major indicator of how a woman is feeling. If you notice that she is avoiding eye contact, diverting her gaze to the space around you, or constantly looking down at her watch or cell phone then she is not interested in the conversation you are currently having. If, however, you notice that she is looking deeply into your eyes, then she is trying to make a deeper connection.

#8 – Pay Attention to Her Hands

While some people may use their hands for obvious hand gestures and movements, the message that others are telling using their hands is far more subtle. For example, if she is clenching her hands into fists this is a sign that things are not going well. Whereas, if she is allowing you to see her open, upturned palms this is an indication that she is opening herself up to you on a deeper level, interested in a deeper connection.