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We all deal with spooky things from time to time but when it comes to ghosts they can be exciting or pretty darn scary. While most ghosts are not necessarily evil, knowing what you’re facing can be very powerful.

If you’re feeling some kind of presence or noticing odd things within your home it is very possible that you have a ghost present. This could be someone tied to the property or even a deceased loved one. Don’t cast this concept off too quickly, you could be facing something from the spiritual world. Below I will go over some of the signs but do remember that if your gut is telling you something, you should be willing to listen to it.

7 Signs There Is A Ghost In Your Home:

1. You keep smelling things without being able to place where the smell is coming from.

You keep smelling familiar scents that you cannot place. This happens a lot with deceased loved ones. While you haven’t got the cologne your Grandfather used to always wear, you smell him quite often.

2. Things are going missing or being moved when no one is around.

Ghosts sometimes can be serious tricksters. They like to move things around and hide things from us. You may go looking for something only to end up finding it hours later in the exact place you left it, to begin with.

3. You hear voices when you’re alone.

If you’re hearing voices they have to be coming from somewhere. With ghosts, we tend to hear our name being called from time to time or someone familiar saying something only to not be there when you turn around. For me, when I was younger this happened quite often at my Grandmother’s house.

4. You notice a drop in temperature with no real reason why.

When ghosts are near temperature changes tend to happen. You will notice a drop and the room becoming cold in certain areas. This is because of the energies ghosts give off.

5. Your pets are picking up on things that you cannot see.

Our pets tend to be able to pick up on things that are not of this world. They can sense and sometimes see the ghosts or spirits around us. If your dog is barking at a corner of the room with no one else around, you might have a ghost there that you are not as aware of as you should be.

6. You feel like you’re being grabbed or touched by something that is not there.

Ghosts sometimes touch us or brush against us. They use physical touch to get our attention and it can be quite scary. While not all ghosts do this, sometimes it is quite reassuring depending on the energies the ghost is giving off.

7. You can feel that someone is with you even when you’re alone.

If you feel like someone is there with you, you are probably correct in that. Your subconscious is more connected to your higher self than you are and it may be letting you in on something interesting. Only time will tell.