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The Law of Vibration states that everything in this world is comprised of energy, both positive and negative. While there is no effective way of eliminating negative energy entirely from your life, there are steps that you can take to banish negativity.

The key to understanding the way that this Universal energy works in our lives is to identify our vibrational frequency. The higher the frequency, the more positive energy is surrounding us and filling both our mind and body. If you want to live your best, most fulfilling life, you need to ensure that you are living at the highest vibrations. This will work to not only bring you feelings of spiritual connection with the world, but it can also boost your mood and improve your overall health and well-being.

Try these 7 easy ways to increase your vibrational frequency and remove negative energy from your life:

#1 – Music

Music has long been recognized as having the ability to reach everyone around the globe, regardless of factors like their culture, religion or primary language. The ‘right’ music to use will differ for each person, depending on the music that speaks to you most as far as calming you down – some will find country calming, while others need to close their eyes and lose themselves in a classical piano concerto. Whatever it is, find a song that allows you to let go of all the stress, worries and anxiety that you have been holding onto. There are some songs that have even been found to resonate at a high enough vibrational frequency that they can remove negative energy from the space around you.

Listening to music isn’t the only opportunity one has to use music in order to promote positivity in your life. Playing a musical instrument is also a great way to experience its benefits. When performing, a musician is required to focus on the notes, dynamics, and the message they are delivering to those that may be listening. This is a great way to focus and calm the mind, a form of mindfulness that will release negativity that you may have been dwelling on.

#2 – Forest Bathing

There are incredible benefits to be experienced from spending time in the great outdoors. The energy that the natural environment holds will help us to find peace and calm within our own minds, will increase our vibrational energy. This, in turn, will work to banish any negativity that we are carrying within our mind and body, freeing us to welcome a healthier, more positive energy.

The practice of ‘forest bathing’ was first recorded in the 1980s in Japan. It refers to a specific technique to use this positive energy to improve our overall health and well-being. The concept is simple – the individual simply needs to go to a forest or ‘natural area’, walk slowly and open all one’s senses. Breathe deeply and take in all that this area has to offer. This has been associated with a number of health benefits including everything from boosting your mood to accelerating one’s recovery post surgery.

#3 – Go Green at Home

By this, I don’t mean necessarily to worry about the environmentally friendly items that you are using within your home (although that can help to send positivity out into the world, which can trigger the Law of Attraction, bringing your positivity in return). Instead, looking back at the former point about the powers of the natural world, if you can’t get out into the environment, bring the environment indoors. Open the window to welcome fresh air into your home if the weather permits, allowing the breeze to clear out any negative, stagnant air. Also, you can surround yourself with houseplants to experience benefits similar to those that you would enjoy walking through a forested area.

#4 – Dance it Out

This is not only an effective technique but also a fun one! Did you know that just getting up and dancing, even if you’re ‘no good’ at it, can help to increase the vibrational frequency of your body, eliminating negative energy? The great news is that you don’t have to perform on stage to experience the benefits of dance. Instead, simply turn on your favorite song while doing housework, crank it up, and dance around your home. This is a great way to reduce stress, boost your mood and get a bit of a cardio workout in too!

#5 – Himalayan Sea Salt

There has recently been a significant increase in interest in the use of Himalayan Sea Salt to increase the vibrational frequency and banish negative energy. You can include Himalayan salt in your home, either by putting out a bowl with real original Himalayan crystal salt or by purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp. These will work to remove negativity from your home, office or other frequently visited location, reducing your exposure to negativity.

If your concern is your own personal vibrational energy, you can enjoy the benefits of a Himalayan salt bath to purify the body, banish negativity and attract positive energy. Draw a warm bath, adding 2-4 pieces of Himalayan salt rocks and a few drops of essential oils. Some of the best essential oils for banishing negativity include lavender, cypress, and sage. You can also add your favorite crystals to the bath or burn candles nearby to further improve the impact this will have on your overall personal energy.

#6 – Conscious Breathing

Never underestimate the power that breathing exercises have to bring peace to the body. When we are experiencing times of high stress, depression or anxiety, we can actually attract negativity into our lives. Therefore, calming the mind and releasing these triggers will, in turn, help us to reduce the negative energy that we are experiencing. There are many different breathing exercises that you can use, including those that can be done with just a couple minutes on the move to those that require more extensive focus and dedication.

Experts also suggest that you include breathing exercises into your regular routine in order to prevent these negative experiences rather than waiting to deal with them when they are directly impacting our lives. This can improve your overall health by promoting better digestion, reducing blood pressure, and more.

#7 – Smudging

One of the best-known techniques for clearing negative energy out of your home or office, the practice of smudging can be traced back to Native American traditions, as well as other traditional cultures ranging from the Maoris to the Balinese. There are a number of different herbs that can be used, the most common of which today is white sage. Focus the smoke from your smudging on doorways, windows, and the corners of each room that you are looking to cleanse. If cleansing yourself, start at your feet and work your way up, allowing the smoke to surround you.