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There is no arguing that we live in twisted, negative and hard to accept world. While some will settle for an average life, there are those who have the foresight and belief in something better may choose to break free. These individuals, the ones who choose not to conform, will then embark on a new way of living.

There are many ways that some may choose to break free from conformity. It’s a simpler lifestyle, doing away with the complex demands that society has taught us are ‘necessary’ and ‘inevitable’. In order to fully embrace this life, one must move away from the busy city life, seeking a peaceful existence free from all that they are choosing to cut out of their life.

In most cases, this also involves the decision to break free from the demands of corporate America. Rather than buying into the lies that you will someday find happiness climbing the corporate ladder, you choose to quit your job and begin to work for yourself from home. This decision is often freeing, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. As the reality of what you are doing begins to set in, you may even start questioning whether you’ve lost your mind altogether!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Sure, it’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. You’re going to face struggles, and you will likely fall flat on your face at least once in the process. The key is to not give up. Instead, stand back up, brush yourself off and continue to fight for all that you know to be right.

Here are 7 challenges faced by those who choose not to conform:

#1 – Financial Instability

When you conform to the idea of corporate America, taking a steady job working for someone else’s dream, then you will find yourself set up with a stable paycheck. However, if you choose to go against the grain, setting out on your own, financial instability is a risk that you must assume. Your income now depends 100% on your ability to hustle. How badly do you want it? You can assist yourself in weathering this unpredictable income by establishing a working budget and preparing yourself for tighter periods of time by growing your savings when your income is up.

#2 – Family Disconnect

It’s not that your family doesn’t love you or want to understand you, however, if someone is still subscribing to the ‘truths’ of society, it will be all but impossible to comprehend why you are making the choices that you are making. You will find yourself facing a barrage of questions at family events, and these questions may, at times, even feel as though they are attacking your way of life. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. While it would be great to have your family’s support, this is your opportunity to be an example of a better way of life.

#3 – Fears and Concerns

One of the greatest benefits that you will enjoy breaking from modern society is the ability to remove the distractions of a busy, fast-paced world. However, with these distractions gone, you will find yourself left with nothing but your own thoughts and concerns. If you have been hiding from fear, anxiety or concerns, you will suddenly find yourself face to face with them. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing! It is only by facing your fears that you are able to overcome them. You will come out of this stronger than ever before. It’s not going to be easy, but these struggles will prove to be worth it.

#4 – Lack of Socialization

Nonconformists who take these beliefs to the extreme often cut themselves off not only from the drama, negativity, and violence in our society but also from the people that you would otherwise connect with. The truth is that we, as a species are wired to connect. Failure to do so leaves us feeling as though something is missing. This isn’t to say that you can’t create and establish relationships, it’s just far more difficult. However, when you do find those that share your life views, you will find ‘your people’.

#5 – High Expectations

Those who have the drive to step free from society’s expectations aren’t willing to accept ‘okay’ or ‘good enough. Instead, you are aware of just how much you are capable of in this life. Setting your goals and dreams, you keep your eyes focused on the future. You set high expectations for yourself, and are willing to work hard, sacrifice and dedicate yourself to whatever it takes to achieve them.

#6 – No Fixed Holidays

If your nonconformity has led you to work for yourself, acting as an entrepreneur in a world that trains us to become employees, the rewards are often endless. That isn’t to say, however, there won’t be some sacrifices along the way. Vacations and fixed holidays always appear to be just out of reach, as your new life requires you in order to keep moving forward. Depending on the life you are building, you may have the flexibility to work and travel, which makes the lack of complete days off a little easier to swallow. This isn’t to say we don’t have our ‘off days’ or unproductive days, we just can’t afford to have too many.

#7 – Inconvenient

If you are looking to live an ‘easy’ life, one built on convenience and lack of demands, you may want to think twice. A life of nonconformity requires you to give up some of the modern-day conveniences that many have come to expect. If you’re living away from the demands and craziness of city life, you’ve likely also given up the conveniences of local coffee shops and full-service convenience stores. In fact, depending on how far ‘off the grid’ you’ve chosen to live, you may have also given up television, radio and or the internet, and with it, the information that they provide. However, you know better than anyone that ‘inconvenient’ doesn’t mean ‘impossible’, and some of the greatest things in life are worth working for.

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