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While twin flame relationships rarely ever truly work out, they are important for us to experience and sometimes we can make things function properly. The twin flame connection as a whole is something that requires a lot of work on both ends.

If you and your twin are not on the same page, things will not work. The more you push and pull one another the further apart you’re going to end up. We as human beings can make a lot of mistakes when it comes to our twin flame relationship and some of those can cost us the chance to be with one another in this lifetime.

Below I am going to go over some of the biggest mistakes that can be made in regard. These are mistakes a lot of people make without realizing it. If you keep making these mistakes over and over again, your twin flame relationship will sink right down into the gutter, that much I know is true.

6 Mistakes That Might Cost You Your Twin Flame Relationship:

1. Obsessing on the negative side of things.

While there will be lots of negative things about your relationship you should not obsess over these things. If you think about nothing but the bad you’re never going to see the good. Sure, you’re not perfect but neither is your twin and you’re bound to make mistakes here and there.

2. Refusing to love yourself.

Before you come to your twin and expect him/her to love you, you need to love yourself. Self-love is one of the most important things for us on our spiritual journey. Without finding proper self-love we all struggle in life and in love.

3. Letting the past get the best of you.

Your past and your twin’s past is not something that can be changed. You should not be holding onto it so deeply that you’re unable to figure out where you want to be and how you should move forth. The past will break you if you allow it to.

4. Not appreciating the positives.

There are a lot of positive things that come about by finding your twin whether you’re together or not. You as this other half need to be willing to see the positive side of things and appreciate it. The more you do this the more you will grow.

5. Expecting finding your twin to complete you and fix your life.

Don’t expect to become complete just because you find your twin. Your twin isn’t going to fix your life and make everything better. That’s just not how it works. You two have things to work on both together and separately. You’re not going to just dive into one another’s arms and expect life to be perfect.

6. Not being willing to forgive.

As one part of this twin flame relationship, forgiveness is crucial. You both are going to mess up a lot and struggle in many ways. Sure, you might care for one another but that isn’t always enough to keep the two of you together.