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Your intuition is an incredibly strong tool, one that can we are each blessed with to some degree, however, but for some of us, this gift is a little stronger than others! Are you blessed with a gut feeling that never fails?

Have you ever felt that nagging feeling deep within your gut encouraging to make a specific choice, avoid a certain situation or steer clear of a specific person? In today’s society, many of us have been encouraged to dismiss the notion of ‘intuition’ as nothing more than wishful thinking due to the fact that it can’t be scientifically proven and analyzed. However, don’t be fooled! There is certainly something at work when your ‘gut-feeling’ speaks.

Many of the greatest leaders, inventors, and innovators have credited various aspects of their success to trusting that little voice when it gave them a nudge, from Albert Einstein to Oprah Winfrey. As a result, it has triggered significant research and analysis. Contrary to popular belief, it’s even been measured in scientific study!

Your intuition can be strengthened and improved through regular use – trusting it, listening to it, and fine-tuning your skills. However, there are some of us that are simply born with a stronger ‘inner voice’ than others.

The following 4 zodiac signs are gifted with the strongest intuitive power:


It could be argued that it may not necessarily be that a Cancer’s intuition is stronger than the others, they are simply more in tune with themselves, their emotions and their inner voice. After all, there is no sign better known for their emotional self than you. Whatever the cause, those born under the sign of Cancer have an incredible ability to know when they’re walking into danger, an instinct that they use not only to keep themselves safe but to care for the safety of those they care about. Others may think you’re nagging, but you just know when they are about to do something they’re going to regret.


You may be surprised to hear that you’re on this list Scorpio, after all, you have a knack for getting yourself into trouble, no? It’s not that you don’t have a strong intuition, you simply get so caught up in your intense passion for things in life that you fail to listen to it. Take a step back and silence your mind for a moment and you’ll hear that inner voice that’s cautioning you about the events about to unfold. A Scorpio that learns to listen to their intuition is an incredible force to be reckoned with!


Highly adventurous and excited about life, have you ever wondered why you seem to enjoy all that life has to offer with minimal lasting damage? While you live a life that appears to be completely based on impulse to most outsiders, the truth is that you allow your gut to guide you in nearly all that you do. In doing so, you are allowing your intuition to ensure that you don’t miss out on the greatest opportunities that life has to offer while also keeping yourself safe from the unnecessary risks that present themselves (sometimes a little risk is needed).


You’re a dreamer, triggered by the incredible creativity and imagination you possess. However, have you ever stopped to consider just where the inspiration for your creativity comes from, and how you always seem to know just when you should share it? There it is, your intuition hard at work. It may not come in the form that most people expect, as it’s not waving a red flag that you’re walking into danger or encouraging you to chase down ‘Mr. Right’ (or is it), but your incredible creations have a lasting impact on the world due to the fact you always know what’s needed at any given moment.