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Often when we change or evolve in life, these changes make others uneasy. Friends and family may begin to question our decisions, concerned with who we have become. However, these changes aren’t all bad, some are truly for the best.

One such change is the development of true self-respect. In a world that questions us, tears us down and gives us reasons to doubt our own capabilities, we must consciously choose to stand up and love ourselves. This shift in thinking may impact many areas of your life, from the way you interact with others to the priorities you hold to be important. This can be confusing to those around us, who don’t understand what we are experiencing. Don’t allow their misunderstanding to prevent your growth.

Here are 32 things that you start to do for yourself when you develop self-respect:

#1 – This is your life, and you refuse to live it for anyone else. For this reason, you aren’t going to ask permission, seek approval or justify your decisions.

#2 – You reserve the right to change your mind at any time, without having to explain your decision to anyone else. You are growing and changing in life, and as you change so too will your needs, wants and desires.

#3 – While you seek to bring peace and understanding to the people in your life, you refuse to do so at your own expense. You recognize that you can do everything to help bring peace, but at the end of the day people will act how they choose to act, and you can’t control that.

#4 – You no longer lash out at others for no real reason. The truth is that most people do this simply because they are mad at themselves, but you have moved past that stage in your life.

#5 – There is nothing to be gained by engaging in online arguments. Rather than wasting your time and energy fighting with ‘keyboard warriors’, you realize that your best option in many situations is just to walk away.

#6 – However, you’re also not afraid to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. When the situation warrants it, you don’t hesitate to fight for what you believe is right.

#7 – You aren’t a slave to your phone, and you aren’t going to jump to answer every text message the second it comes in. It’s not rude, and you aren’t ‘ignoring’ anyone. You simply recognize that there is more to life than staring at your phone screen.

#8 – Identifying the habits that are holding you back, you make the effort to change, grow and evolve. You realize that while you may not currently be the person you need to be in order to achieve your goals and dreams, you do have the ability to become that person.

#9 – You recognize that in order to give all that you have, you must first take care of yourself. You prioritize self-care in your life.

#10 – Recognizing that not everyone in this life is going to like you, you no longer try to convince them otherwise.

#11 – Your time is valuable, and you refuse to waste it on those that you dislike. You aren’t rude or impolite to them, you simply choose not to engage them at all.

#12 – You enjoy a good night out with friends and family, but at the same time you pay aren’t afraid to make the decision to go home when it feels right. You no longer give in to peer pressure to do things that you aren’t enjoying.

#13 – When times are tough, you don’t feel the need to drink your problems away. Instead, you rely on healthy, positive coping mechanisms.

#14 – You embrace the parts of your personality that others may not like, recognizing that this is what makes you unique. You love your individuality.

#15 – While you recognize that you should show respect for those that you meet, you are also aware that not everyone is worthy of your time and attention. There are situations in life where your best option is simply to walk away.

#16 – In a world where we are pushed to engage in over-consumption, you prefer to lead a much simpler life. You recognize that ‘things’ aren’t going to make you feel better when you’re struggling.

#17 – Decisions in your life are based on how it feels rather than how others may choose to perceive your life.

#18 – You no longer accept empty apologies. The phrase ‘I’m sorry’ is empty unless it’s followed by action. Actions speak louder than words.

#19 – Taking responsibility for your own actions and decisions, you aren’t afraid to admit when you make a mistake. You recognize that you aren’t perfect.

#20 – Rather than making decisions in your life based on what will make you look ‘cool’ or gain the attention and admiration of others, you make your lifestyle choices based on what feels ‘right’ for you.

#21 – You no longer deny yourself the pleasures and joys in life, allowing yourself a ‘treat’ when the opportunity arises. You deserve it.

#22 – If you discover that people have incorrect assumptions or mistaken perceptions of your life, you aren’t afraid to step up and correct them. After all, no one knows your truth better than you.

#23 – You recognize that you are free to share whatever you want whenever you want on your social media profiles. Those who follow you can choose to unfollow at any time if they don’t like it.

#24 – Recognizing the power of the word ‘no’, you don’t shy away from it. You aren’t afraid to make it a regular part of your vocabulary.

#25 – Your priorities are no longer defined by the needs of others first and foremost. Instead, you set your priorities based on your own needs.

#26 – You refused to live your life focused on the expectations of others, however, at the same time you take pride in exceeding other people’s expectations.

#27 – When you find yourself in a situation in which you honestly don’t know the answer, you aren’t afraid to admit it. These are opportunities for you to learn from others.

#28 – Determined to make the most of this life, you refuse to shy away from adventures and opportunities. This may sometimes come across as impulsive, but you want to truly ‘experience’ life.

#29 – You recognize the impact of negative energy on your life and refuse to settle for negativity in your life. If you find yourself in a conversation in which someone is constantly complaining, you will simply excuse yourself and walk away.

#30 – Refusing to give into society’s idea of beauty, you learn to love your body and aren’t afraid to show it off when it feels ‘right’. You rock your body regardless of your size and shape.

#31 – Victim mentality is the enemy of success. Recognizing this, you refuse to play the victim in your own life.

#32 – You embrace your creativity, expressing it when the opportunity presents itself regardless of what others may think. After all, you engage in these activities for yourself, not for others.