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Star children are individuals who have been sent to Earth from all areas of the Universe with the purpose of helping our planet and the people on it. Blessed with various skills and abilities, they are equipped to guide us, teach us and lead us in this life.

Sent to Earth in a human body, they walk among us. In fact, many star children aren’t even aware of their own blessings and purpose in this life. They may be our parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, co-workers, friends, neighbors and teachers. Living their lives just as you and I, they feel as though something is ‘off,’ however, it isn’t until they discover their truth that they are able to harness their abilities and accomplish that which they have been sent here to do.

Believing in all that is good and right in the world, star children seek to share compassion, purity, truth, wisdom, grace and honestly with the world. Their influence will help us to grow, evolve and become the best version of ourselves, while healing the world around us and achieving true world peace. Star children are divided into three categories: Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow.


Indigo Children

Believed to have been born with the ‘spirit of a warrior,’ Indigo children are sent to us to help reassess the systems that we use in our daily lives. Identifying and pointing out areas that are no longer serving us, they inspired us to change and improve. This includes our government, legal system, and education system. They set out to teach us a new way of thinking about the world that we live in. Refusing to be manipulated or deceived by the world we live in, they are often diagnosed with ADHD due to their fast-paced life.

Crystal Children

With a deep, intuitive nature, Crystal Children are sent to us to bring peace and harmony into the world, specifically into the new ways that have been created by the Indigo Children. Calm, peaceful and at ease with their own thoughts, Crystal Children often don’t begin speaking until late in life as they do not require verbal communication to speak with their Star Visitor guides.

Rainbow Children

Representing the highest version of our being, Rainbow Children provide us with a vision of just who we can be. Generous, fearless, compassionate and loving, these individuals teach us the power of acknowledging and embracing our emotions. They are highly beacons of love, light, and positivity, helping us to banish the negative energies that hold us back in this life. The rarest of the star children, Rainbow Children are sent to us only when the world needs them most.


28 Incredible Abilities that Any Star Child May Possess:

#1 – Earth energy adjustment work

#2 – Astral travel: Out-of-body travel

#3 – Cross-species communication

#4 – Living while in close mental connection with their Star Visitor guides

#5 – The ability to influence the thoughts and actions of others telepathically

#6 – Shared consciousness

#7 – Telekinesis: moving objects with one’s mind

#8 – Time dilation or contraction: causing time to move faster or slower than usual

#9 – The ability to affect electrical devices such as turning them on/off, or causing them to fail or malfunction

#10 – Psychic or bioenergetic healing: the ability to transfer healing energy to others

#11 – Interdimensional awareness

#12 – Clairvoyance or Remote Viewing: the ability to see things mentally despite physical distance or differences in time

#13 – Channeling: acting as a conduit, allowing someone who is not currently present to speak through them

#14 – Psychic diagnosis: the ability to read someone’s energy field fluctuations

#15 – Teleportation

#16 – The ability to download information from other planes or planets

#17 – Immunity improvement: rarely if ever getting sick

#18 – Inter-dimensional viewing

#19 – Lowered body temperature

#20 – Invisibility work

#21 – Telepathy: communicating using the mind

#22 – Encouraging growth: assisting people in waking up their highest and best potential

#23 –Pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters, such as car crashes

#24 – An incredibly strong and accurate sense of intuition

#25 – Physically summoning and connecting with one’s Star Visitor and other guardian spirits

#26 – Levitation

#27 – Precognition: knowing aspects of the future

#28 – The ability to read auras