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It is estimated that two-thirds of Americans believe that soulmates really exist, that person that has been sent to this world to be their ideal life partner. With this belief in mind, they approach the dating process as a quest to find this person, weeding through the potential field with an idea of what exactly they are looking for.

They want someone that can bring them happiness and joy, someone that can make them smile. The physical attraction, they believe, should make their heart race and create the feeling of butterflies in their stomach. This person will make them feel as though nothing else exists, just the two of them in this dance known as life.

Would you believe, guys, that finding your soulmate will change more of your life than just the area of your love life? In fact, experts predict that, when a man meets his soulmate, she will be able to change every aspect of his life for the better. Don’t believe me?

Check Out These 14 Changes That Occur When A Man Meets His Soulmate:

#1 – Shift in Priorities

Our priorities in life, the areas that we put our time, energy and focus into, are the things that we deem to be the most important. For many single men, this includes a career, status, or financial gains. However, when he meets his soulmate there is a significant shift, as she takes that top spot on his list of priorities, with everything else falling behind her.

#2 – Desire to Be the Best Version of Himself

One of the great things that a soulmate will do for a man is inspire him to grow and evolve. She will push him to be a better person, motivating him to take the steps necessary to move forward in his journey of self-discovery. He wants to be the best man he can be for her and will go to great lengths to make this happen.

#3 – Learns the Value of Settling Down

The idea of long-term relationships and commitment is often painted in a negative way in our society. Men tease their partnered-up friends about ‘the old ball and chain,’ as if being in a serious relationship is some trap or punishment preventing him from really living life. However, when they find that special someone in their own lives they will suddenly understand why his buddy took that all too important step in his relationship.

#4 – Belief in Miracles

The idea of miracles may, at one point in life, have seemed like some crazy concept that is reserved for Hollywood movies and fairy tales, but when his soulmate comes into his life he suddenly realizes that there are miracles here on Earth. Not only does he see meeting her as a miracle, but his eyes are opened to other joy-filled occurrences that are happening around him, showing him that miracles really do exist.

#5 – Letting Go of Emotional Baggage

He may have held onto some hurts and bitterness from his past throughout his adult life. This baggage has shaped his relationships and his views of the world around him, a negative cloud hanging over his head in all that he does. When he meets his soulmate, he is so overcome by the joy and positivity that she brings into his world that he can finally let this pain go.

#6 – Prepares Himself to Handle Life’s Challenges as A Team

While he will work hard to be the best version of himself that he can be, he will also acknowledge that they are now coming together as a team. He and his soulmate are partners, and he will ensure that he is always prepared to face whatever challenges and difficulties that life throws their way, holding his own and doing all he can to protect and care for her in the process.

#7 – A New Perspective on Life

When a man finds his soulmate, she will open his eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world around him. It’s not that she expects him to change or abandon his current perspective of the world, but she will broaden it, helping him to grow and evolve.

#8 – Relationships with Friends and Family Deepen

When his soulmate comes into his life, she not only introduces him to a new view of love, she will also inspire him to cherish others in his life more. He will suddenly find he has a deeper appreciation and respect for the people that have stood by his side over the years, including his friends and family.

#9 – Gains Hope and Optimism for Life

Whether his life has been an incredibly challenging one, throwing him struggle after struggle, or he has had it a little easier, we often find ourselves focusing on the roadblocks and difficulties that we face rather than the reasons we have to be thankful for this life. When she comes into his life, she helps him to refocus his attention, reminding him of all that is right in the world.

#10 – Understands the Importance of Compromise

Many men, when they are single, are truly selfish. They may not want to see it that way, they may even go as far as denying it, but consider for a moment. Who is your number one concern, who do you put first? If you’re on your own, it’s likely yourself! When his soulmate enters into his life, there is suddenly someone else’s opinions to consider. He begins to understand the importance of compromise as he does everything he can to keep her happy.

#11 – Discovers A Sense of Safety and Security

As a child, we rely on our parents to give us that feeling of being safe and secure in our lives. When we move out, that security is often assigned to other areas of our lives like the home that we build, security in our career, or the people we call friends. We don’t truly feel that same safety, however, until our soulmate comes into our lives. It’s no longer about where we are or what we’re doing, as long as we’re together.

#12 – Learns to Put Someone Else Before Himself

Building on the point about compromise, this doesn’t just apply to the opinions that he and his soulmate share. He suddenly finds himself aware of her needs, wants and desires, putting them ahead of his own. He truly wants to give her the best life possible, even if that requires great sacrifice on his own end.

#13 – More Open-Minded to Trying New Things

When a man has his soulmate by his side, the person that he knows will always be there through thick and thin, regardless of what life may throw their way, he will find himself feeling courageous. Pushing fear aside, he knows that she believes in him and this allows him to believe in himself too. This empowers him to step out of his comfort zone and experience new adventures.

#14 – Renewed Confidence in All He Does

This newly discovered courage doesn’t just impact his ability to try new things. He will discover that he suddenly believes in himself so much so that it permeates everything that he does. He feels powerful at work, dominating his career, and capable of accomplishing anything he sets his mind on. This confidence comes from her support.