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There are many situations throughout our lives that we desire to send love to the people we care about. We may be looking to help a loved one heal from a physical or mental ailment, or recognize that they require our support and encouragement during a time of crisis in their lives.

Whether the person in question lives too far away for you to be there and share your love directly, or you are hindered by roadblocks such as difficulty in communication or struggles matching busy schedules, the ability to send love to the people in our lives telepathically will provide us with the opportunity to care in ways that we didn’t previously realize were possible.

There are a few important factors to understand when it comes to telepathic communication. Anyone can send telepathic messages; however, you have to be aware of your intent. Messages of love, care and healing need to be sent unconditionally, reaching out to the individual in question with their best interests at heart. Take the time to close your eyes and picture the person you are looking to reach. What are you feeling deep within your being? Gently offer your love to this person as a gift, with no strings attached. If you are seeking personal gain, you need to stop and reassess your actions.

It is also important to note that you can’t force your love and healing on anyone. The recipient must choose to receive the love that you are sending, accepting your message and your care. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to know you are sending love in that moment, but they have to maintain an open heart and mind. You can’t force someone to accept your love telepathically anymore than you can face to face. For someone that is unfamiliar with the energies of the Universe, this may require a few sessions as they notice that something is happening and slowly open themselves up to let your message in. Try not to stress yourself too much about the receiver, as you can’t change their opinion, just know that in the event of a strained or challenging relationship this process may not be as effective as you would hope.

To Send Love Telepathically, Follow These Steps:

#1 – Find a quiet place where you will be able to carry out this process uninterrupted. For best results, find somewhere where you can sit comfortably in a meditative state, or lie down on a bed, couch, or on a mat on the floor.

#2 – Allow yourself to relax. In order for this to effective you have to reach a state of mental relaxation equal to a meditative state. If you need to practice another short meditative practice first to get there, then you can do so.

#3 – Inhale slowly counting to 4, holding your breath for a count of 4 with your lungs full. Exhale to a count of 4 and hold your breath for a count of 4 with your lungs empty before repeating the cycle. Do this until you are feeling an overall state of ‘good.’

#4 – Close your eyes and focus on the person that you want to send love to. Picture them standing before you.

#5 – Allow yourself to feel the depth of love and care that you are looking to send. Feel this love taking over your entire body in preparation, centered in your heart.

#6 – Focus your attention on the love itself, ensuring that it is pure, gentle and well-intentioned. If you feel any ill intentions or potentially negative energy creeping in during this process be sure to banish it, retaining only that which fits your criteria.

#7 – Repeat the following to yourself: “I am sending my love unconditionally and without prejudice. I cannot control the actions of those that I love, nor will I force my love upon them, however, I will make my love available should he/she choose to accept it.” Make sure that you are taking this message to heart.

#8 – Focus your attention back on your love, but this time specifically cultivating love FOR the person that you are picturing. Feel deep love and care for this person, revealing the very love that you are planning on sending.

#9 – Draw the love from throughout your body into your heart, drawing it in and preparing it in one focused, high-energy central location within your heart.

#10 – Allow this high-energy love to be felt as an energy, building and growing within your heart.

#11 – Picture a cord connecting yourself and the person that you are sending your love to. This spiritual connection should run from your heart directly to this person’s third eye. Envision the cord, making it very real within your mind.

#12 – Allow the energy that you have built up within your heart, containing the love and care that you desire to send, to travel along that cord. Picture it making the journey, ensuring that you don’t sense any blockages.

#13 – Continue this process for at least 10 minutes, as that time will be required for the other person to receive the message that you are sending. Allow yourself to sense if they are feeling your loving energy. This process can be, and is often, repeated over days to optimize the message that you are sending.