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When we think about matters of the heart, like finding our one true love or determining if our relationship is destined to last, we often consider the emotional side of life. For all of you logically-minded individuals, I have good news – there’s also a science to attraction!

The science isn’t going to predict beyond a shadow of a doubt if your relationship is destined to survive the test of time, whether your partner will remain loyal to you over the years or if your future together is going to be an easy one. It can, however, help us to understand just what triggers feelings of attraction in that ‘ideal man’. What makes some men stand out more than overs (and you may be surprised)

Here are 13 often overlooked qualities of an ideal man that science reveals women find attractive:

#1 – Visible Scars

If you’ve ever had an accident or injury and been comforted with the phrase ‘it’ll leave you with a good scar’, this may help you to understand why that’s a ‘good’ thing. Studies show that men with visible scars, such as facial scars, are seen as more reliable, determined, and self-sufficient. Unfortunately, scars specifically trigger feelings of short-term compatibility as their ‘wilder’ ways often don’t connect with society’s image of long-term potential.

#2 – Financial Intelligence

Consider this a warning to all the men who think that flashing your money around and buying expensive things will attract a woman: Studies have found that women are actually turned off by useless extravagant spending, attracted instead to men who exercise caution with their finances. These are the men that are prepared to establish a stable, reliable home.

#3 – Wearing Red

Here’s an easy one for you to control if you’re looking for a quick fix, gentlemen. Using the concept of color psychology, scientists set out to determine whether certain colors in clothing could make someone more or less attractive. What did they find? The color red holds a level of attraction that speaks to both men and women, making red the perfect ‘power color’ to wear on that first date.

#4 – Beards and Heavy Stubble

Guys, if you’re looking for a reason to grow out that facial hair, here you go. Studies show that women find men with full beards or heavy stubble more attractive than those with lighter stubble or clean-shaven faces. They also associate heavier facial hair with being a more protective and invested father, which can add to a man’s perceived attractiveness.

#5 – Sense of Humor

It’s a well-known fact that women tend to enjoy spending time with a man that makes them laugh, but now we’ve got the science to back it up. Not only is this an important personality trait that can work in your favor, but studies also show it may be one of the MOST important personality traits in determining whether women find a man attractive or not. If you’ve got a sense of humor, don’t hide it.

#6 – Older Men

This likely isn’t a surprise, we see it all through our celebrity culture. Known as the ‘George Clooney effect’, women often find themselves attracted to older men as they are perceived as being wiser, more established, and more experienced in life. This doesn’t necessarily only apply to those seeking a ‘sugar daddy’, the same trend is seen in financially independent women. It’s not that they necessarily want to find a partner to support them, they just want to find one that doesn’t’ require support himself.

#7 – Musically Inclined

If you have ever found yourself feeling instantly attracted to a man the second you see him with a guitar in hand, you’re not alone! Music is an incredible tool for communication and a great way of glimpsing into the hearts and emotions of those who share it, but studies now show it may have a similar impact when it comes to our love lives. In an interesting study, men were asked to carry either a guitar case or a duffel bag, their attractiveness rated by a study group. They found that just carrying a guitar case instantly caused me to be seen as more attractive.

#8 – ‘Masculine’ Facial Structure

We are hardwired to seek out the best mate in order to improve our chances of bringing healthy children into the world. For this reason, women are attracted to men that possess a masculine facial shape and structure. This includes harder, more defined lines in the face and larger jawlines. This even more common in areas of the world where poor health is a concern.

#9 – The Scent of Garlic

This one may be hard to believe but stick with me for a moment. Guys, if you’ve been avoiding garlic on your favorite foods out of fear that it may hinder your love life, think again. Studies have found that after eating garlic, a man’s body odor actually changes in a way that is appealing to the women around him. It’s not that you smell of garlic, but your body will give off a ‘musky’ scent.

#10 – Award-Winning Smile

If you’ve been putting off that trip to the dentist, you may want to think twice. Those pearly whites may actually help you to be perceived as more attractive, especially if they are framed in a cute, coy, flirtatious or shy smile. Make sure you’re showing your teeth though, surveys reveal that men who keep their mouths closed when smiling don’t see the same benefit.

#11 – Bushy Eyebrows

Much like the stronger jawlines, full, bushy eyebrows are seen as a sign of better masculine health. However, be warned, guys! While you may look like you’re in better health, triggering a mental switch, these masculine traits are also associated with shorter-term relationship and flings. So, while you may draw her in easier, you’re going to have to work harder to keep her.

#12 – Compassion for Animals

It has often been said that you can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats the defenseless – the animals that he comes into contact with. Watching a man interact with his dog provides women with a glimpse into his heart, a better understanding of where his heart is at. If he’s overly sympathetic and compassionate with the dog, then he likely will approach his relationships with other humans in a similar way. At the end of the day, women want to find a man with a good heart.

#13 – Willing to Put In The Work

Regardless of how attractive you find a man to be, or how much of a connection you feel with the man in your life, studies show that the main deciding factor in whether a relationship would last long-term or not was simply a question of whether both parties were willing to put the work into making it work. If you get a feeling right from the start that a man is willing to put his heart and soul into a relationship, it instantly makes him appear more attractive.