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Relationships are hard but ending up with the wrong person is harder. These 12 zodiac pairs make the worst couples.

There are many different factors that go into finding that perfect love match, some of which we can predict or influence and others that are out of our hands. One important aspect to consider is whether or not our personalities are even compatible, to begin with. Consider, for a moment, your past relationships. Were there signs that this wasn’t the one? Were there little things that annoyed you, frustrated you or were, in general, difficult to work around? Acknowledging these differences can help you to make difficult decisions and avoid heartbreak.

By understanding the personality traits associated with each of the zodiac signs, experts are able to predict which relationships are destined to stand the test of time, complimenting one another and building a positive life together versus which are an accident waiting to happen – a ticking time bomb that will inevitably blow up, with the potential for significant collateral damage. Here are some pairings that you should probably just avoid all together!

These 12 Zodiac Couples Are Doomed to Fail – The Worst Zodiac Matches:

1. Taurus & Sagittarius

While the idea that opposites attract is rooted in fact to some degree, there are situations in which people are so opposite that it’s just not going to mesh. Fun-loving and adventurous, Sagittarius likes to live life on the go, making impulsive decisions and eager to love life at every opportunity. On the other hand, however, Taurus loves stability and practicality. They aren’t a huge fan of change and truly enjoy a little quiet time in the safety of their own home. There is no common middle ground between the two and trying to make it work is only going to cause resentment in the long run.

2. Leo & Scorpio

If there is anything that a Leo needs out of a relationship, it is the constant praise and affection necessary in order to feed their ego. Unfortunately, this is exactly what they’re NOT going to get from a Scorpio partner. A little self-centered and egotistical themselves, Scorpio isn’t about to put their own needs, wants and desires aside just to focus on someone else, that’s never going to happen. Instead, the two will be locked in a head-to-head battle for attention, a battle that’s going to get quite heated.

3. Pisces & Virgo

Pisces is easily the most romantic of the signs, genuinely obsessed with all things relating to the concept of love. They have been dreaming of finding their soul mate their whole lives, and when they do find someone and start a relationship, they are looking for the magic experience that you read about in your favorite fairy tale. Practical and judgmental Virgo, however, can’t be bothered with all the frills and gimmicks associated with this idea of ‘true love’ and they are going to make their thoughts known. This hard dose of ‘reality’ as Virgo sees life will shatter the heart of their Pisces partner.

4. Gemini & Capricorn

The upbeat and overly social Gemini is enough to drive a practical and organized Capricorn completely insane. There is nothing a Capricorn hates more than spontaneity and lack of order in their lives, which is life with a Gemini summed up. While this will drive them completely insane, they don’t want to cause conflict, so they will quietly stew, keeping these frustrations to themselves until such time that they completely boil over. Meanwhile, Gemini will find themselves feeling judged and smothered as if their Capricorn partner is analyzing every move they make.

5. Scorpio & Aries

Both Scorpio and Aries are highly passionate personalities, and their over the top way of living can sometimes be hard to accept. They know what they want, and they will pursue these desires at all costs, even if it is at the expense of their partner’s needs and happiness. This passion will carry through to their arguments as well, resulting in some explosive and intense battles, often over the stupidest of details. While they will each try to stick it out just to prove that they ‘win,’ there will come a day where one of these battles blows up to the point they can’t do it any longer, with their relationship ending in one giant explosive mess.

6. Virgo & Sagittarius

Neither Virgo or Sagittarius is interested in truly committing to this relationship, but for two very different reasons. Sagittarius needs a life of fun and adventure, but their Virgo partner is going to leave them feeling tied down and trapped in their current life. Ultimately, they will act out, trying to regain some semblance of freedom but hurting their partner in the process. Virgo, meanwhile, is highly perfectionist, and can’t help but see all of the flaws and problems with the lifestyle of their Sagittarius partner. They may try to make it work in the beginning, but it won’t be long before they deem these efforts to be an act of futility.

7. Gemini & Cancer

Much like the challenges referenced in the partnership of a Taurus and Sagittarius, Gemini and Cancer are just so fundamentally different in their lifestyle choices that it’s bound to fail. Sensitive and down to earth, Cancer wants nothing more than to find someone who will enjoy spending time alone with them in the comfort of their own home. They love peace and quiet and don’t see a need to spend their time with anyone but their partner. Gemini, however, is known as the social butterfly. They NEED the human interaction that comes with highly social settings in order to be happy. These two are going to clash time and time again while trying to meet one another’s needs until they finally just give up and walk away with their hearts shattered at their failed attempt.

8. Aries & Taurus

There is one major issue when an Aries and a Taurus try to make it work together, and that’s their inability to even consider compromise. Taurus is the very definition of stubborn, determined that their way is the best way in every possible situation. Aries, meanwhile, knows what they want, and their headstrong ways will demand that they get it regardless of the cost. The two will butt heads time and time again until they decide enough is enough, but don’t think this relationship is going to fizzle out. While Aries will try to just walk away, done with it all, Taurus isn’t going to give up that easy, and it will result in one major blow out.

9. Sagittarius & Capricorn

The relationship between a Sagittarius and a Capricorn may start out as an attempt at a romantic connection, but it will never truly evolve into a partnership. Instead, the overly controlling and detailed Capricorn will become so set on taming their wild and adventurous Sagittarius partner that they will start acting almost like a parental figure. Think back to the arguments of a teen with their partners, amid cries of ‘but you never let me do anything fun’ and you can see the future of these two. Eventually they will realize their relationship is toxic, but not before they are both emotionally hurt from the attempt to make it work.

10. Cancer & Aquarius

It takes someone special to be able to love an Aquarius including all of their quirks and differences, after all, they really are one of a kind. Life with an Aquarius is never going to be boring, but it can be a little difficult to adjust to. Cancer will do their best to be the supportive and loving partner, pouring their heart in to the relationship, however this overly sensitive sign is going to have a very difficult time with the judgmental nature of their Aquarius partner. The only guarantee in this relationship is that someone’s feelings are going to end up hurt.

11. Libra & Virgo

There is a fundamental problem that exists in the partnership of a Libra and a Virgo. The perfectionistic tendencies of a Virgo can make them come across and judgmental and confrontational, as they demand nothing short of perfection in their life, after all, they deserve it! Meanwhile, the life of a Libra is built upon peace and harmony, and they avoid confrontation at all costs. These two viewpoints completely contradict one another, leaving the two walking on eggshells in an attempt to keep their partner happy until finally one of the two will snap, unable to take it any longer.

12. Aquarius & Taurus

The biggest challenge that is going to face Aquarius and Taurus when they try to make this whole relationship concept work is their inability to communicate with one another at all. It’s not that they won’t try, necessarily, but their communication styles are so incredibly different that they are simply going to miss the mark. When faced with conflict, Aquarius will avoid the situation allowing it to blow over, meanwhile Taurus would rather work through it head on, demanding that they address the elephant in the room. Taurus will push for this to happen relentlessly, despite their partner’s attempts to walk away, until finally Aquarius reaches their breaking point, lashing out in an incredibly hurtful outburst.