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Capricorn season is just around the corner, starting on December 21st – a time of order, responsibility, and achieving great things. This is a great way to end the year, setting ourselves up to start 2019 off right!

While most of the population is familiar with the zodiac signs, have you ever stopped to consider just how they may impact our lives? Each of the zodiac signs is associated with a number of characteristics and personality traits, encouraging these own traits in each one of us when their time comes.

During the time of Capricorn, these are largely personality traits associated with responsibility and hard work. Don’t shy away from this! While it may not be the most ‘fun’ side of your personality, it is the parts of your self that will help you to reach your goals and dreams.

Here are 12 ways Capricorn season will give you the push you need to achieve great things:

#1 – Importance of Tradition

This isn’t to say that there is something wrong with growing and evolving with time, innovation drives success. However, traditions and customs continue to hold an important role in our lives. Rather than dismissing these traditions, Capricorn will encourage you to examine what they have to offer, learning the power that they hold. You may be surprised what you can learn from the past that is still relevant today.

#2 – Priorities

Unfortunately, there are always going to be more things that we want to do than our time and resources will allow. What are you doing to overcome these limitations? Take time to determine your priorities in life, making time for them in your daily schedule. This may mean having to learn to say ‘no’ or let some things go in life, but it will be worth it.

#3 – Time Management

The way you schedule and manage your time is incredibly important, after all, regardless of who you are, we only have 24 hours in a day. Whether you’re one that regularly operates on a strict schedule, or new to the practice, putting one in place will help you to accomplish all the little tasks necessary on a daily basis.

#4 – Adequate Planning

Nothing will come to be without first attending to the necessary planning and organization. This will empower you to make educated, well-thought-out decisions that will ultimately propel you forward to bigger and better things. Capricorn will help you to realize that there are better options than just jumping in blind.

#5 – Finding A Mentor

Capricorn is going to encourage you to fully accept the idea that you are never done learning in this life. While we may no longer be sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher lecture us from the front, there are many other opportunities to continue learning and growing on a daily basis. One great way, a way that Capricorn will encourage, is through finding a mentor. You may have multiple mentors over the course of your life, guiding you through different phases of your life.

#6 – Work Ethic

If there is one thing that Capricorn is best-known for, it’s the fact that this sign will never shy away from a little hard work. In fact, if anything this sign will walk the fine line between being a hard worker and a complete workaholic. The energy of Capricorn season will give you the drive and motivation, so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to work.

#7 – Masculinity

Gentlemen, this one’s for you. Capricorn is highly in tune with the masculine energy in the world, encouraging you to be the best fathers, sons, and, in general, men that you can be. Don’t fight this, use this feeling to propel you forward.

#8 – Vision

The vision that Capricorn encourages isn’t a mystical vision providing glimpses into the future, it refers to a clear, unbiased vision of what possibilities the future may hold, and the best paths to explore in order to take advantages of these great opportunities. It’s ‘big picture thinking’, planning as much for 10 years from now as you are for tomorrow.

#9 – Posture

Far too often we underestimate the importance that posture plays in our ability to succeed, but Capricorn isn’t going to overlook it! Not only does proper posture promote better health, but it also leads to positive body language. Standing tall and proud creates the image that you are bold, confident and self-aware.

#10 – Self-Control

Take a look at your life up to this point, is there an area where you may be going a little too ‘easy’ on yourself? Maybe you are spending more than you should on frivolous things, or you’re going out with friends instead of hitting the gym and working towards your goals. Whatever it is, Capricorn is going to encourage you to face it head-on. Your newly discovered self-control will help you take steps to set things right once again.

#11 – Embracing Weaknesses

As much as we would love to claim that we are somehow above the concept of weaknesses, a true example of the ‘perfect specimen’, capable of handling anything, to make that claim would be nothing but a lie. Every person who walks this world is flawed in some way, and Capricorn is completely accepting of this fact. Rather than trying to live a life free from weakness, Capricorn will encourage you to embrace your weaknesses, and in doing so, discover the hidden strengths that they may provide.

#12 – Believe To Succeed

Have you ever heard a self-help guru or life coach talking about the importance of believing in yourself in order to achieve great things? It’s a popular concept, one that Capricorn embraces. Success starts by first believing that you are capable of great things. Don’t just want to succeed, know that you’re going to succeed.

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