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Did you wake up this morning feeling as though you got up on the wrong side of the bed? Sometimes we can identify the source of our bad moods, while other times it feels like they just happen with no explanation or reason. Only you can overcome it.

When it feels like life is weighing down on you and you’re struggling to keep moving forward, know that you have the power to turn things around. Frustration is a choice, and so too is happiness. Once you have made the decision to step forward and bring the light back to your eyes, the next step is to identify what you can do to in order to help make this happen.

Here are 12 quick tips to free yourself from a bad mood and feel happy once again:

#1 – Tackle That To-Do List

If you have a mounting to-do list that you never seem to catch up with, it’s going to bring you feelings of extreme stress. After all, it doesn’t take well before this never-ending demand on your time and energy becomes completely overwhelming. Even when you aren’t actively thinking about what needs to be done, it’s still there lingering in the back of your mind. Start by taking the time to prioritize what matters in your life, removing those items that really aren’t important. Then, focus on one item at a time, picking items off one by one. With each thing you complete, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

#2 – Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Another downfall of our fast-paced, high-demand society is that many of us find ourselves struggling to make time in our busy schedule for sleep, let alone to get the recommended 8 hours each night. We often make the choice to sacrifice sleep for productivity, however, experts warn that sleep is closely connected to our mood and emotions. For this reason, a lack of sleep can actually lead to stress and irritability. If this continues and remains unmanaged, it can progress to depression or anxiety, so don’t wait. Start prioritizing sleep in your life.

#3 – Don’t Take Small Rejections Personally

There is no denying the fact that rejection can hurt. However, in today’s society, we face rejection more than ever. I’m not talking about the major rejections, like being turned down for our dream job or the end of a serious relationship. Instead, look at the smaller daily rejections that we face on a daily basis, like if we post a picture on Facebook that we are super proud of, but no one likes it, or if someone doesn’t return our message. In fact, it could be argued that social media sets us up for more rejection than ever before. The sooner you learn to let this go and not take it personally, the sooner you will free yourself from its negative influence on your life.

#4 – Overexaggerating the Small Bumps in the Road

We all face challenges and difficulties in life, but not everything that you face is going to be the same. Sometimes our troubles are major, life-altering experiences that turn our world upside down. Often, however, the struggles we face are merely little bumps in the road, annoyances or inconveniences that we can overcome by first putting things into perspective. Don’t allow a spilled cup of coffee or a flat tire to ruin your day. These are merely short-term struggles that we can overcome and quickly put behind us as long as we keep our head on straight.

#5 – Overcome Low Self-Esteem.

Our self-esteem isn’t a constant thing that once it has been built up, we can simply ‘set it and forget it’ and move on with our lives. Instead, it’s something that is going to ebb and flow. There are going to be days that we feel completely on top of our game, ready to take on the world, but there are also going to be days that we struggle. On these days, don’t sit back and allow yourself to wallow in self-pity. Instead, stand up and make an effort to overcome your low self-esteem. Put on something that makes you feel good or make plans to do something that you love.

#6 – Get Up And Get Moving

Engaging in physical activity, whether you are going for a walk around the block or joining a class through your local gym, can have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being. When you exercise, your body releases ‘feel-good’ hormones, triggering the reward and pleasure sensors in the brain. Many athletes report experiencing a feeling of euphoria after working out, also known as ‘runner’s high’. This is the result of this reaction within the brain. Therefore, if you’re feeling low, get moving.

#7 – Let Go of Guilt

If you’ve done something that you feel bad about, you may find yourself facing feelings of guilt or upset but holding onto these feelings won’t help you to move forward or find peace. Instead, you’ll simply be holding onto negativity in your life. The only way to free yourself from this toxic influence is to atone for what happened. Even a simple apology can go a long way.

#8 – Don’t Ignore Hunger

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘hangry’, you may have shrugged it off as being funny, some comical phrase with no real meaning. However, experts say that this is much more than that. Without the necessary fuel to regular our emotions, we find ourselves struggling with anger, aggression, and other negative emotions. This is an easy one to fix, just take the time to get a good meal into your system.

#9 – Face Your Fear of Failure

The fear that we are going to fall short or fail to achieve our goals and dreams can actually paralyze us, preventing us from even making an honest attempt. In this way, a fear of failure can leave us feeling trapped in our lives.  If you want to improve your mood and create a happier life, start by pushing past your fear. It’s not going to be easy, but when you realize you are capable of more than you know, you can start to discover just how powerful you are.

#10 – Treat Yourself to Chocolate

If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you’re going to love to hear this one. There are chemicals in chocolate that help to trigger the production of serotonin, which activates the please center in our brains. Therefore, simply eating hot chocolate can make us feel relaxed, content and happy. Of the different types of chocolate, the most effective is dark chocolate. So, don’t feel guilty, a little chocolate can work wonders.

#11 – Release Negativity

Have you ever found yourself reliving an upsetting or frustrating moment over and over in your mind? This kind of brooding serves no purpose. You aren’t working to make things better, changing anything in your life or improving your situation, you are merely holding onto the negativity and reliving it time and time again, allowing it to fester and build. Rather than brooding, try distracting yourself to break the cycle. When you have re-centered your mind, you are then free to start working through the pain, disappointment, and frustration that you feel, releasing it from your life.

#12 – Reconnecting With Those In Your Life

We are incredibly social beings, hardwired to need and crave connection with one another. When this need isn’t met, it leaves us feeling as though something is ‘missing’ in our lives. The only way to fill this need and allow ourselves to find happiness in life is to reach out and connect with others. Call up a friend, make plans to go for coffee with those that you love, visit family. Regardless of how shy or introverted you may be, you need to socialize with others.

Feature Image Source: Kal Loftus | Unsplash