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Your intuition is an incredibly powerful tool, put in place to protect you from many of the dangers and negative influences in the world around you. This may be something as subtle as encouraging you from walking down a dark alleyway late at night, or encouraging you to look over your shoulder when you’re walking through the park, or it may be a voice in your head warning you to move off a specific section of a sidewalk moments before a car comes barreling through striking a tree right where you were previously standing

Our society today has a love/hate relationship with this powerful force. On one hand, many are encouraged to ‘trust their gut,’ however, our fact driven society requires proof for something to be taken seriously, an area where our intuition is going to fall short.

Working much like a muscle in the body, your intuition can be developed and strengthened through specific steps, techniques and targeted exercises, or it can be allowed to wane and decrease in power and strength by ignoring it and allowing it to fall to the sideline. Don’t pass up this opportunity!


Here are 12 tips to help you strengthen your power of intuition today:

#1 – Don’t Underestimate the Power of Dreams

Often your dreams are used as a means of communication, providing you with messages that your intuition or subconscious self is trying to express. They are also used by guardian spirits and higher powers to communicate with you. Don’t underestimate the secrets that they may hold.

#2 – Practice Mindfulness

If you allow yourself to become too preoccupied with what has been, and what is yet to come, this can cause you to completely ignore what’s happening here and now. Learn to pay attention to your surroundings, focusing on the present moment.

#3 – Play with Your Intuition

If you make the art of listening to your intuition a task or chore, it will quickly become stressful. Heightened stress levels can, effectively, lower your intuition and leave you once again in the dark. Instead, turn the process into a game. Before you look at your watch, try to guess what time it is. If you hear a knock at the door, guess who may be there before answering.

#4 – Spend Time in Nature

The natural world connects with us on a deep, spiritual level. It speaks to our soul, strengthening our positive energy and increasing our vibration. Of all this works together to strengthen the power of your intuition, allowing it to connect to a higher, universal energy. Allow yourself to regularly spend time in nature.

#5 – Take Note of Your Energy Levels

A sign that is often overlooked, the energy level that you are feeling when you are around specific people, or entering into specific places, can act as a warning sign. If you notice that every time you are near a specific person you feel drained, or exhausted, be cautious. If, however you find yourself feeling upbeat and lively this can be an indication that this person is a positive force on your life.

#6 – Pay Attention to the Cues

Your intuition isn’t always going to speak in loud and obvious ways. Often, it’s messages will come as nothing more than a mere whisper. This is especially true early on in your journey. Most people, unaware of what to listen for, miss most of the messages that their intuition is trying to share. Learn to listen and pay attention to even the smallest of cues.

#7 – Practice Daily Meditation

It doesn’t have to be for long, but even a short meditation each day will help you to clear your mind of negative thoughts and focus on the message that your intuition may be trying to send you. Far too often we battle a cluttered mind making it impossible to hear the messages that we are being sent. This short practice will help you to center your thoughts and be more open to communication.

#8 – Ask for Help from A Higher Power

Regardless of what you believe in, which religion you associate or where you are in your spiritual journey, most of us will agree that there is some sort of higher power or energy. Allow yourself to reach out and ask for their guidance, and, more importantly, keep an open mind, heart and soul as you await a reply.

#9 – Take Action

When your intuition delivers a message, take action on it immediately. By paying attention and heading this warning you are effectively strengthening the communication between your conscious and subconscious mind, empowering your intuition to speak stronger and more often.

#10 – Listen to Your Body

You may find that your body reacts differently to specific situations – this is often an extension of your intuition. If, for example, you notice that the very thought of a specific situation makes you instantly nauseated, this is a good sign to steer clear.

#11 – Test Your Intuition

As you work on improving your intuition, allow yourself to test where you are currently at. If you get a gut feeling or a hunch that something may happen, write it down complete with the time and date. Hold onto this and wait to see if these predictions come true. As you strengthen your intuition you will notice how often these hunches are actually rooted in truth, which will encourage you to trust in yourself more.

#12 – Watch for the Signs

The message you are looking for may not come in the form of a physical feeling or emotion personally. Instead, this important message may be revealed to you through signs in the world around you. Pay attention to the smaller details and nuances. Do you see the same number everywhere you look? Are you suddenly noticing butterflies all around you? Each of these signs can carry a significant meaning.