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We all know the type, the strong, confident independent women that control the room the second they walk into it. If you are currently in a relationship with one of these women, you need to understand that they handle things a little differently.

It’s not that they are incapable of love, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. These women don’t need a man in their life, so if they have opened their heart up to you it’s because they want you around. They love deeply and intensely and are among the most loyal people you will ever meet. However, they don’t ‘half do’ anything in their life. They take everything in their lives seriously, and their relationships are no exception!

Here are 12 reasons why strong women experience relationships differently:

#1 – She doesn’t get jealous easily.

One of the biggest stereotypes about women in relationships is that we are all highly jealous, upset anytime that our partner so much as looks at another woman. However, she isn’t going to enter into a relationship with just anyone. For this reason, she knows that she can trust her partner. If he gives her any reason to doubt this, it will be the end of the relationship.

#2 – She isn’t about to back down from conflict.

When things get difficult she isn’t going to run and hide in the corner. In fact, she would rather address conflict head-on so that the situation can be resolved and she’s free to move on with her life. This isn’t always going to be comfortable, but you will always know where she stands in a situation.

#3 – She is a master at handling her emotions.

Her partner doesn’t have to fear her lashing out or acting irrationally after bottling her emotions up for too long. Strong women possess a high level of emotional intelligence, capable of managing their emotions in a healthy and constructive way. This means that her partner will never have to worry about walking on eggshells.

#4 – She enjoys time together, but also values her time alone.

She genuinely enjoys spending time with her partner, after all this is the person she chose to share her life with. However, getting into a relationship doesn’t mean that she has suddenly abandoned her own life. She enjoys her alone time to rest and recharge, as well as the time spent ‘with the girls’. Time apart is as important to her as time spent together.

#5 – She has no interest in constant complaining.

There is nothing wrong with speaking up if something isn’t right, or occasionally getting things off your chest. However, if someone is constantly complaining about every aspect of their life this carries a toxic negative energy. A strong woman understands that simply complaining isn’t going to fix anything, so there is nothing to be gained, therefore she has no interest in entertaining this level of negativity.

#6 – She doesn’t hold back on expressing her love.

She’s known for her blunt and straightforward personality, and this carries through into her relationships. If she loves you, she’s going to tell you and show you each and every day. From sharing her feelings of affection to making time in her day to do things that she knows are important to you, she will go out of her way to make sure you understand just how much she cares.

#7 – She isn’t a damsel in distress needing saving.

When she allows a man into her life, it isn’t with the hole that he is somehow going to save her or take care of her. She is a warrior, capable of standing on her own two feet. Instead, she’s looking for someone to join her on this wild ride.

#8 – She commits 100% to her partner.

This isn’t to say that strong women aren’t interested in a one-night stand. However, when it comes to an actual relationship, she is willing to give it everything she’s got. When she commits to a man, she takes that commitment seriously and she expects the same in return. If you’re looking for a casual fling without having to worry about what happens with it, she’s not the one.

#9 – She has dreams, goals, and plans in life.

Her life is about more than just finding a partner and settling down. A strong woman has dreams and goals for her future and is actively pursuing them. While she understands that a healthy relationship requires compromise, she expects her partner to support her dreams just as she will support his.

#10 – She expects to be treated as an equal in her relationship.

While some women will settle for being treated as second to their partner, a strong woman has no interest in being treated this way. She sees herself as an equal, a partnership designed to face life’s challenges together. While she recognizes that she has weaknesses, she also recognizes her strengths and understands that the key to success is in complimenting one another.

#11 – She isn’t afraid to say ‘no’ from time to time.

She isn’t a people-pleaser, and she certainly isn’t about to give in to peer pressure. While she will do what she can to support her friends and family, she also recognizes the importance of balance. If something is going to be damaging to her in any way, or if she has too much on her plate, she isn’t afraid to say ‘no’.

#12 – She is well aware of what she wants out of her relationship.

You will never have to worry about whether she’s half in, trying to decide where your relationship is going. From the first moment she laid eyes on you, she has known what exactly she wants. She isn’t interested in wasting her time with someone that doesn’t fit into her life, so know that she sees this relationship going somewhere, or she’d simply walk away.