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“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” – Eckhart Tolle

There will come a time in each of our lives where we are faced with an incredibly difficult decision. We will be forced to acknowledge that as much as we may love someone, not every relationship in our life is meant to last. Some people come into our lives for just a short time, bringing us incredible experiences, important lessons and moments of personal growth. When their purpose has been fulfilled, then it is time for us each to move on.

While we may be tempted to hold on, the truth is that doing so will only bring us both more pain and heartbreak. Instead, we need to take a deep breath, be grateful for all the time that we had together up to this point in our lives and summoning the greatest courage that we possess, let go. Understand that when this time comes, our lives will never be the same.

Here are 12 beautiful and life-changing truths about letting go of someone we love:

#1 – This is Your Chance to Fall in Love with Yourself Again

Often when we are focusing our love and affection on someone else, we forget to put the same time and energy into self-love. Instead, we rely on another person to make us feel loved, appreciated and ‘worthy’ in this life. When we are left alone, facing the pain of losing someone we love combined with the fact that there is no longer someone providing us with the love that we crave, we are actually being given the perfect opportunity to focus on our self-love. Rather than jumping into finding someone to fill this void, turn your love and attention inward, rediscovering yourself.

#2 – There Are Great Times Ahead

While you may not want to let go of this person right now, everything in the Universe happens as part of a bigger picture, a plan that we don’t have control or knowledge of. The pain that you are experiencing today is leading you towards something great, you just have to stick with it and trust that the good times are coming.

#3 – You Have Learned Valuable Life Lessons

Every pain and struggle that we face in life will present us with the opportunity to learn, grow and change. It may take some time to see the lesson amidst the pain, but when you do, embrace it. These lessons are placed before us as they are necessary for success and happiness in the future. This is a step towards the best version of yourself, and your best life.

#4 – It’s Going to Hurt

I would be lying to you if I said that letting go of someone you love isn’t going to hurt. This person has come to occupy an important place in our heart and there is nothing we would love more than for everything to work out and keep us together. It’s okay to admit that it hurts, in fact, the only way that you are going to move past the pain is to allow yourself to first feel it and accept it.

#5 – This is An Act of Generosity

While you may be struggling with the pain of loss, take the time to remind yourself that this isn’t just about you. You are letting this person go because it was time for both of you to move on. While it may have felt easier to hold on tight, you made the choice not only for your own benefit, but also because you cared deeply enough for them that you wanted them to find true happiness as well. Your decision to let go was an act of generosity for those that you love.

#6 – You Have Survived Pain Before

You may find yourself completely overwhelmed with the pain and heartache associated with this experience, leaving you questioning whether or not you are actually capable of surviving this. Look back at your past, at the struggles you have faced, the times you have had your heart broken, the moments where you questioned your strength. Guess what, you have survived 100% of what life has thrown at you up to this point, and you will survive this too. You just have to trust and believe in yourself.

#7 – Your Scars Help Shape You

Rather than trying to avoid ever being hurt in life, embrace the fact that the pain we experience, the challenges we face and the scars that we acquire along the way help to shape the person we are. These are the experiences that teach us just how strong we are, help us to get in touch with our inner power and allow us to grow and evolve.

#8 – You Will Love Again

One of the biggest struggles that many of us face when we look at the idea of moving on after letting go is the fear that we will never know love again. You still have so much love and light within your heart, and in time you will find the opportunity to share that with another again. Your heart is far too big to keep it all to yourself, even if you question that today.

#9 – Time Will Heal

This is one of those cliché phrases that actually maintains some element of truth. While time alone isn’t going to remove all the pain from your life, you will notice that as time goes on, and your life begins to move forward, that it will sting less. You will find new reasons to be happy. This will never erase this person from your life, but the pain will minimize over time.

#10 – One Day You Will Look Back on This and Smile

This may be hard to see now, but not only will the pain reduce over time, there will come a day that you can look back on this whole experience and smile. You will remember the good memories, the happy times together and the way in which you helped to shape one another’s life, rather than just seeing the pain of loss.

#11 – You Will Adapt

When we let go of someone, that often leaves us in a state of confusion, disorganization and disarray. The longer this person was in your life, the more they have likely become part of your regular routine. You will have moments where you aren’t sure how to react, or what you should do, as you always did it together, or the routine has changed. That’s okay. Trust in your ability to adapt and overcome, and you will discover your ‘new normal.’

#12 – You Will Never Forget Them

Despite the fact that your life is moving on, don’t think that you have to forget them. This is someone who was incredibly important to you, and no amount of time, healing or new experiences will erase the time that you spent together. No one new is going to come into your life and replace them. They were an important piece in the puzzle of your life, and while you will continue to discover new pieces, they all fit together and continue to hold their own place in the overall picture. They will forever be an important part of your life.

Image via Thought Catalog