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Throughout our lives, we will experience the influence of the energy that is moving both around us and within us. With the ability to bring either positivity or negativity into our daily experience, it is important to understand how to manage these energies and protect ourselves.

It would be nice to think that we could completely banish and avoid negativity altogether in our lives, but it’s not a realistic idea. Rather than taking this as the final nail in the coffin, accepting that we are doomed to experience negativity in life, there are steps that we can take to fight back against negativity, as well as to promote and welcome positive energy.

Clear negative energy from your life using these 11 tips:

#1 – Balance Your Chakras

Your chakras are the energy centers in your body, the primary locations through which energy enters into and leaves your body. Located along the spine, when these energy centers are in alignment they work together to maintain proper energy flow throughout the body. However, if one gets misaligned or blocked, this flow is disrupted. Your chakras can be realigned and balanced through a targeted meditation.

#2 – Stay Grounded

This is one point that many people often overlook, yet it is highly productive! Grounding your energy will help you to avoid becoming overwhelmed by outside influences, using the stability of the earth and its energy to maintain a solid, rooted feeling. This is best accomplished by spending time barefoot outdoors, connecting with the Earth in this way. You can also improve your efforts with the use of certain healing crystals including hematite, smoky quartz, and parsiolite.

#3 – High-Frequency Music

The energy that moves among us operates at a specific frequency, with the more positive energies moving at a higher frequency, while lower frequencies are occupied by more negative energies. Therefore, by influencing the frequency around you (and within you), you can influence the energy that’s present. Try playing some high-frequency music to banish negativity and welcome positive energy into your life.

#4 – Clear Your Aura

The human aura is an energy field that surrounds our body, revealing the state of our inner selves. The connection between the aura and our inner energy allows them to influence one another. Therefore, if your aura requires cleansing, its imperfections can alter your inner state. There are several techniques to cleanse and clear the aura including smudging or taking a purification bath.

#5 – Don’t Hold Grudges

When we hold a grudge, we aren’t actually ‘sticking it to’ the person who has wronged us in the past. Instead, we are welcoming the negative energy from that negative experience into our lives on an ongoing basis. The only way to free yourself from this toxic influence? Make a point of practicing forgiveness. Forgiving someone for past wrongs doesn’t mean admitting that they were right, or that you have to accept their negativity moving forward, but it does mean freeing yourself from negativity, releasing your pain once and for all.

#6 – Reassess Your Relationships

The people in our lives each bring their own unique energy and influence. For this reason, it is important that we select them carefully. Take a step back and look at the people that you have welcomed into your own life. Do they bring positivity, happiness, and joy, or are their carriers of a toxic energy? It may not always be easy but cutting toxic people from your life can have a profoundly positive impact on your overall health and well-being.

#7 – Cut Cords Connecting you to Negative People

When you develop a relationship with people around you, you create an energetic ‘cord’ that exists between you. It is along this cord that energy moves back and forth between you, both positive and negative. If you notice that someone is draining you of your positive energy, it is time to cut them loose. During meditation allow yourself to visualize the cord that exists between you, then bring your hands up and move them in a cutting motion, severing the tie.

#8 – Surround Yourself with Nature

Don’t overlook the easiest and most natural forms of cleansing your personal energy. Plants are a natural filter, with the ability to cleanse negativity from any space as well as those who surround them. Bring houseplants into your home, office, or any other space that you frequent regularly. Also, make time to spend outside, even if it’s just a relaxing walk through the local park. If you need to go to greater lengths, head out on a bigger hiking trip or go camping to immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

#9 – Center Your Energy

If the energy within your own body, mind, and soul is chaotic, this will reflect on your life as a whole. The best way to accomplish this is through the use of breathing exercises or medication. Calm your mind, releasing negative thought and energy and discovering the natural state of calm within.  During meditation, focus specifically on your breath counts, releasing yourself from all outside influences, as well as the thoughts that have been cluttering your mind throughout the day. This will take an incredible load off!

#10 – Protect Your Energy

There is no guaranteed way to avoid negativity entirely, but you can take steps to protect your energy and repel negativity. First, while meditating, visualize a white lip wrapping itself around you, surrounding you in its protective light. Feel the warmth and energy that it brings, as this energy is designed to keep you safe and secure. Secondly, there are protective crystals that you can carry, including black tourmaline, blue kyanite, fluorite, and apache tear.

#11 – Cleanse Your Home

If you are putting all this time and effort into cleansing your own personal energy and removing negativity from yourself, then you want to be sure that your home isn’t simply reintroducing it into your life. Clear your home of any clutter that may be hindering the flow of energy through the space. Once that is complete, smudging the room or home will banish negativity, welcoming positivity into your home. The ongoing burning of candles or incense can help to maintain this state.

Featured Image Via Tomasz Alen Kopera