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Discover the 10 reasons why empaths, with their deep emotional intuition, often attract manipulators. Understand the dynamics of this unique relationship, from the forgiving nature of empaths to the deceiving tendencies of manipulative partners.

Empaths are people who are emotionally intuitive on a very deep level. They can feel and absorb the feelings of others so much, that they are known for taking them onto themselves. Unfortunately, for them, it makes them a huge target to manipulators.

Manipulative Partners Manipulators are people who will go to great lengths to get what they want from others. They often lie, cheat, and steal to serve themselves, and in turn, they can be very harmful to the people closest to them. For several reasons, manipulators are often drawn to empaths, and empaths are drawn to manipulators. Here are the top 10 reasons why manipulative people seem magnetized towards empaths.

1. They see the best in everyone.

Empaths often see the best in people, because they can look past the actions of the manipulator and make sense of what motivates them. And because they see the wounds hidden behind the manipulator’s eyes, they are more prone to see the better side of them.

2. They are forgiving.

Empaths are forgiving individuals who are likely to let things slide when others wouldn’t. Because of that, they are also more likely to be taken advantage of by manipulators and con artists.

3. They are compassionate.

The empath is a healer, and because of that, they are often driven to help people that others would turn away. Even a narcissist or a manipulator is seen as someone who needs healing in the eyes of an empath.

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4. They give others the benefit of the doubt.

When most people wouldn’t give the manipulator a chance, the empath gives them the benefit of every doubt. Even when they truly shouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt, they do anyways.

5. They are selfless.

Empaths are selfless givers. When they are with someone, they will give and give and give until there is nothing else to give. A manipulator is attracted to this because it means they will receive an endless supply of unconditional love and admiration.

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6. Opposites attract.

Of course, opposites attract. The manipulator sees the empath as someone who would do anything for them, and the empath sees the manipulator as someone who needs them.

7. They are more understanding.

Empaths are far more understanding than most. Rather than seeing the manipulator as a bad person, they see them as a wounded soul in need of help and love.

8. They take the blame.

In many cases, the empath will take on the blame for the wrongs of the manipulator. If the manipulator does the empath wrong, they will believe they are the one to blame, because they didn’t see what was going on. And then they are likely to forgive and keep on giving.

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9. They are great listeners.

Empaths are wonderful listeners. All people are drawn to them for this reason, but the manipulator is especially because they are always on the prowl for someone to come along and believe their lies.

10. They don’t care for confrontation.

Empaths hate confrontation, and due to that, they will avoid it at all costs. They are more likely to continue to take abuse and manipulation for a longer period, without confronting their partner, than others. Due to that, the narcissist views them as someone they can more easily manipulate.

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