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Empaths are extremely sensitive individuals, who cannot only sympathize with others, but in many ways can feel the emotions and feelings of others upon entering a room with them. Because of this, empaths often end up in sticky situations with other people.

In many cases, the empath is much more susceptible to falling for the wrong person than most people. While I could probably come up with one primary reason for this, the honest-to-God truth is that there are many reasons. Empaths unfortunately are drawn to people of all walks, even people that most others would consider ‘bad’ or even ‘toxic.’ And while that is admirable in some ways, to love others despite their worse traits, can also be extremely bad as well. With that being said, here are 8 reasons why empaths fall in love with the wrong ones.

1. Empaths have big hearts.

Empaths are natural-born healers. Not only can they feel how others feel, but they also often take on the burdens of others and try to solve them. While this is a kind gesture, sometimes having a big heart can backfire, because when you don’t set limits, people won’t always set them for you either.

2. Empaths are like sponges.

Empaths are emotional sponges. They take on the emotions and feelings of others, so they are very impressionable. While someone who is not a sponge might shake their head and dismiss someone that they feel off around, the empath will see through their exterior and see what has made them sad or put them in a bad mindset. Then, it’s much harder for them to create distance because they are firmly bonded to the person. While this can be good in some situations, it can be catastrophic in others.

3. Empaths put others first.

Empaths put everyone else first. Even if they are feeling terrible about something, they will put their feelings aside, and work on their partner. And in many cases, they take on the mentality that they can fix the other person, even though it’s not their job.

4. Empaths often mistake love.

As I have stated previously, empaths can feel everything that others around them feel. Because of this, they can easily mistake whatever feelings come up for love. Additionally, they can become deeply bonded to someone quite quickly, because they can sense and feel what the other person feels.

5. Boundaries can be difficult for an empath.

Empaths aren’t always the best at establishing boundaries with others. They may want to establish boundaries with the person, but fail time and time again, because they don’t want to hurt the other person.

6. They fall quickly.

Empaths emotionally bond with others quite quickly. They can instantly connect with others, which makes it where people are far more likely to open themselves to the empath. But, there are times when someone opens up to the empath and a deep bond is built with this person, even if they are not necessarily good for them.

7. They are people pleasers.

Empaths do not like conflict. They hate disappointing others and will go to great lengths to make other people happy. Even sometimes sacrificing themselves and their own needs for someone else.

8. Empaths are more accepting.

Empaths are very accepting of other people. They will often overlook the worst in someone because they can see the very best sides of them. While this can be amazing, it can also be bad, because not all people’s good sides outshine their bad.