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If you find yourself caught in the fast-paced and high-demand society here in the United States, always counting down to your next vacation or getaway, maybe it’s time to consider something a little more permanent? With the incredibly low cost of living in some of the world’s stunning destinations, it may be time to relocate and live the high life (without breaking the bank).

It’s not that the United States doesn’t have a lot to offer – we have a little something for everyone from the mind-blowing views of the Grand Canyon to the Florida beaches, the snow-capped mountains throughout the Rockies to high-energy city life that can only be found in New York. However, for some people, this just isn’t enough. Traveling the world and taking in the sights and experiences it has to offer, many of us find ourselves dreaming of tropical getaways or the amazing culture and architecture of Europe.

What if I told you that you could pick up and move to one of these incredible locations without breaking the bank, would you already be packing your bags? I know I am!

Here are 10 places you can live like a millionaire without much money:

#1 – El Poblado, Medellin, Columbia

El Poblado is a stunning luxury city, known for being the wealthiest neighborhood in Medellin. Filled with high-end boutiques, amazing food, and an exciting nightlife, many tourists find themselves attracted to El Poblado’s tree-lined streets when they are in the area to take in all that luxury has to offer. However, with the current exchange rate, an American can pocket 3 million Columbian pesos for just over $1000 USD, making it easy to live this high-end life on a pretty modest budget.

#2 – Bali, Indonesia

When you mention Bali most people immediately think about the area’s stunning luxury resorts, but there is more to this stunning destination than just it’s tourist industry. At just $300/month you can grab yourself a one-bedroom apartment and call this location home. Known for its amazing food, hot nightspots, and mind-blowing scenery, you can live the vacation life day in and day out. The region also offers great surf spots, beautiful mountain paths, and a number of incredible historical sites for those that are looking to explore.

#3 – Ojen, Spain

There is no denying the fact that Ojen, Spain is a luxury getaway with its vast multimillion-dollar villas scattered throughout the area, but don’t allow that to scare you away! A one-bedroom apartment is only going to cost you approximately $330/month making the cost of living incredibly budget friendly. This beautiful Spanish village is full of all the charm and architecture that most flock to Spain to see, including the narrow cobbled streets, beautiful drinking fountains and stunning architecture. When you combine this with the nearby hunting reserve and mountain paths, exotic shops and great wine then you can definitely settle in for a high-end life on a fairly low budget!

#4 – Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal

Referred to by many as one of the ‘best-kept secrets of old-world Europe,’ Carvoeiro has a lot to offer! Located along the Algarve coast, the location has stunning views, great food, amazing wine, incredible hiking trails, fun boat tours, exciting water parks, and all the history that one could hope for when spending time in Europe. This beach and resort town is described as charming and welcoming, making it perfect for everyone from families or retirees to adventurous singles looking to explore. Rent is only going to set you back approximately $750/month for a one-bedroom apartment, meaning you have a lot available to you without costing too much!

#5 – Alicante, Spain

If you are a lover of Spanish food and style, look no further than the beach city of Alicante. The location of a number of stunning beaches, a hub for Spanish history and culture and only miles away from San Juan Beach with its bars and shops, there really is something to do for everyone! If you are looking to rent, a one-bedroom apartment in the area will cost you approximately $550 per month, but that’s not the only savings here! Celebrate your new place with a great bottle of Spanish wine for only $5 or $1 domestic beer. You don’t need a lot of cash to have fun here!

#6 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

The allure of Chiang Mai, Thailand largely revolves around the perfect marrying of ancient Thailand and the modern Buddhist temples creating an area that has something for everyone. Within the city limits of Chiang Mai, one can enjoy mega-malls, huge grocery stores, and familiar department store, while also taking in the history and culture that Thailand offers. If you’re concerned about health care, a conversation that often comes up when looking abroad, they have incredibly skilled English doctors in the area that you can see for as little as $20. With a one-bedroom only running you anywhere from $250 to $750 (depending on what area of the city you are interested in), you can truly enjoy all that this area has to offer without worrying about an over the top budget to maintain.

#7 – Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

A stunning tropical destination full of beautiful white-sand beaches, if sitting on the beach with a drink in hand is your idea of living then look no further! The coastal town of Las Terrenas offers all of the sun, sand and warm weather of the Caribbean, but at a fairly low cost. Why is this area so much cheaper to live in? Simply because it hasn’t become the developed tourist hot spot that many other areas throughout the Caribbean have become, like the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands. The average rent for a one-bedroom location in Las Terrenas will only cost you approximately $730, making it an affordable option for those that want to settle somewhere where they can take in the tropical sun for the rest of their days.

#8 – Granada, Nicaragua

Too often we find ourselves holding onto the troubled history of Nicaragua and writing it off as an undesirable location, but to do so would rob us of an amazing experience. Modern-day Nicaragua is a beautiful and welcoming area full of cobblestone roads, rain forests, stunning mountain views and more. The architecture in Granada is one of it’s most stunning draws, attracting artists, writers and photographers from around the world to this laid-back and culture-filled city.   For those looking for a little more adventure, the volcanos, forests, and lakes will keep you busy, with something new to see every time you turn around. A one-bedroom is going to cost approximately $720, making the area incredible budget friendly.

#9 – Mendoza, Argentina

A beautiful, laid-back city, Mendoza, Argentina is one of those cities that doesn’t get near the recognition that it deserves! Within the city limits, you will find world-class restaurants and spas, cozy cafes, and picturesque tree-lined streets. If you’re looking for some fun and adventure you can wander just beyond the city limits where you will have the opportunity for fly fishing, horseback riding through the Andes, white water rafting, and some of the areas best vineyards. Don’t worry about breaking the bank, a one-bedroom apartment in Mendoza is only going to cost you around $380/month.

#10 – Santa Familia, Cayo, Belize

If you’re looking for a quiet, laid-back location where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy society, then the village of Santa Familia in Cayo, Belize might be your perfect destination. This quiet area is paradise for those that want to get back to the basics, with its unpaved roads and wide-open spaces. However, be warned that locals report the internet constantly fails them so you’re certainly not going to be tied into the matrix constantly while you’re here! However, that’s part of the area’s charm. It’s truly a beautiful and peaceful escape. At only $600/month for a one-bedroom rental, it’s a low-cost destination for those looking for somewhere calm and relaxing.

Image via Wallpaper Cave