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In a world of violence, hatred, and negativity, many of us are looking for the secret to create our own safe haven at home. Protect your personal state from negative or evil energy with these effective and all-natural tools.

Whether you are a practitioner of crystal magic, introducing these powerful stones and minerals into your life on a daily basis, or are completely new to the concept of using these forms of natural magic in order to banish negativity, these tools are easy to use and readily available. If you have felt a lingering negativity in your home or office or have been struggling with a ‘down’ emotional state, this is for you.

Here are 10 items you should keep on hand to ward off bad vibes and negativity in your life:

#1 – Sage

One of the oldest and best-known methods for removing a negative or evil energy from your home, the burning of sage, known as smudging, is said to work like an ‘energetic shower’, cleansing a space or a person. This works to banish all negative, evil or bad energies, freeing you to invite positivity into your life in its place. There are many different rituals and uses for sage, including moving into a new home, after an argument, upon returning home from a negative situation or following any form of illness or disease.

#2 – Rose Quartz

A well-known crystal, rose quartz is also referred to as the ‘love stone’. It works by banishing negativity and bad energy, instead, welcoming unconditional love and acceptance into your life. This is the crystal that is often used when one is looking to attract both platonic and romantic connections, helping us to find the people who will bring happiness and joy into our lives.

#3 – Palo Santo

Much like the use of sage, palo santo works to cleanse a space when it is burned. It is said to cleanse a space of negativity, banishing the bad energy that exists in order to make way for positivity. It is also effective in the treatment of common colds, cases of flu, asthma, inflammation, headaches, depression, anxiety and other forms of emotional pain or turmoil. Some alternative health practitioners even believe that is effective in relieving some of the symptoms associated with cancer.

#4 – Clary Sage Oil

For those that aren’t interested in burning sage for any reason, clary sage oil will allow them to still make use of the benefits of sage in the home. It can be used in a diffuser or applied directly to the skin. Not only does this powerful oil help to fight off negative energy within your home, it has also been found to be effective in improving digestive health, circulation, and overall mood, while also working to relieve stress.

#5 – Black Tourmaline

A powerful stone often used by practitioners of crystal magic, this stone is often used as a protective talisman. It can be used both to neutralize one’s own negative thoughts and emotions, as well as to protect its carrier from evil or dark outside influences. Black tourmaline will also simultaneously work to promote a better, happier life by increasing your self-confidence and sense of power despite this chaotic world we live in.

#6 – Salt

One of the most readily available and underused tools to banish negativity from your home is salt. If you are looking to cleanse an area of negativity, sprinkle salt around the space and wait for a little while, to allow it to absorb the energy. Vacuum up the used salt, emptying the vacuum outside your home to prevent the energy from escaping back into your home. To prevent outside energy from getting into your home, sprinkle salt along the doorways and windowsills. You can also take a bath with sea salt to cleanse your self from negativity.

#7 – Tiger’s Eye

Often used as a protective talisman, tiger’s eye is a powerful stone that not only helps to eliminate negativity from our lives but also opens our eyes to the truth and intention behind every word and action. It is associated with courage and integrity and is said to bring prosperity and good fortune to those who carry it. If you fear that someone may be trying to direct some dark or negative energy in your direction, this stone is said to reflect those attempts keeping you safe.

#8 – Halite

This salt mineral comes in a wide range of colors, including pink/peach/red, blue/purple, yellow/green, white or even completely colorless. A purifying mineral, by keeping halite nearby it will work to remove the negative energy from the area around you, cleansing it your home, office or any other space that you frequently occupy. It has also been associated with a number of psychic gifts and abilities, specific to the color of the mineral.t

#9 – House Plants

A common sight in many homes and office spaces, houseplants are highly effective for the purpose of cleansing. Not only do plants work to clean our air, removing pollution to promote a better environment for our physical health, they can also be used to remove negativity from a space leading to better mental and emotional health. This includes everything from flowering plants to bamboo, meaning that there is something for every style.

#10 – Astrophyllite Crystal

Another tool used by those who practice crystal magic, astrophyllite is believed to possess the power to actually infuse your being with light, pushing any negativity, darkness or evil out. It is highly sought after due to its perceived ability to bring peace and honesty to those that carry it, empowering you to take great steps in the area of personal growth and development.