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Considering the things we’re facing in the world right now we’re all being urged to not touch our faces and to wash our hands more. That is something as adults we don’t have much issue with but for kids things are not so easy. 

We all know that kids for some reason just don’t like to listen but really taking the time to show them how germs and bacteria work can make a huge difference. If you have kids who want to touch everything no matter where you are, I might have found the video to put an end to that. This video was made and posted by a YouTuber by the name of Mark Rober who has 11 million subscribers. 

Rober posts lots of interesting content and is always testing new things. According to his ‘about’ on YouTube, Rober worked for NASA JPL as an engineer for 9 years. Actually, 7 of those years he was working on the Curiosity Rover which he covered content on that you can still find on his channel even now. When it comes to science, he is someone we should without a doubt be listening to and the way he addresses things is in a way that allows kids to spark their interest properly. 

Just a few days ago, he posted a video titled ‘How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus).’ This video shows the side of things we otherwise would not be able to understand properly. When I saw this video I knew it needed to be shared, big time. 

As Rober says in his video ‘If we could somehow just see the germs around us, everyone would be a lot more careful, and we’d get sick way less.’ This is very true and especially for children. If they could see the gross things they’re picking up by touching railing or picking up everything they can imagine at the store, they would probably not do those things as much. 

For this video he ran a day-long experiment in a 3rd-grade classroom and well, it’s quite eye-opening. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely watch and if you have kids you should make them watch as well. It’s very informative and brings a lot of things to light. 

Right now washing our hands and doing our best to keep germs at bay is important for not just ourselves but for those who might have compromised immune systems. Stay safe and make sure you’re taking the necessary precautions. To see this video for yourself take a peek below.