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If you are someone who has gone through a lot and been through the ups and downs this world threw your way all the while still being able to keep your head held high, you are doing better than you realize. Life might be enough to get you downs from time to time but if you’re still holding your shine, you’re accomplishing more than most.

While it is hard to choose to work towards being happier and bringing light into the lives of others when you’re really going through things or when your past has damaged you to a serious extent those who accomplish this are truly powerful. If you are able to remain positive through the negative things in life and work on your own emotions as well as your mental strength, you’re a force to be reckoned with. Not many people can keep themselves glowing all the while working hard to fight for the things that matter in their lives.

You might feel bad a lot of the time and you might be quite sad about the things you’re facing but you know who you are and you don’t let other people bring you down. When bad things happen you take them as they are and instead of letting these things hold power over you, you release them and take your inner power back. Sure, some people might try to hold you back or put your light out but you hold your own and are capable of getting through whatever is thrown your way.

There are tons of people in this world who will try to bring you down. They will judge you and hurt you in more ways than you can imagine but your ability to shine will help you tremendously. You will take the words they use against you and turn them into something you can work with. You won’t let others break you.

As a strong person you’ve been through far more storms than the people in your life want to give you credit for and you’ve learned lessons that most people will never come to terms with. This is what sets you apart from everyone else. You because of how you’ve experienced this world don’t hold grudges or treat people badly.

You treat others how you want to be treated no matter what and you believe in yourself on a proper level. People who shine despite the things this world has done to them are not people you find often in this world. You need to be proud of yourself and you need to keep your own worth in mind, you’re more amazing than you realize.