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While letting go is something a lot of us struggling with when we’re dating someone who does nothing but hurt us, it’s necessary. The more time you spend with the wrong person the less time you have to spend with the right person.

Stop wasting your time with people who refuse to show you that they care and spend time with people who will never let you go a day without being reminded. If you’re having questions within your current relationship you really need to be looking out for the signs of toxicity. You might not want to leave but you also don’t want to keep having to be unhappy, right? A decision needs to be made if you’re not happy you deserve to move on and find something more fulfilling.

Below I am going to go over some signs that you’re not as happy as you might pretend to be within your current relationship. These are signs that you shouldn’t be stringing this person along and letting them play with your heart. If he or she is bringing you down so much and you aren’t getting what you need, you should do what’s best and move on.

6 Signs You’re Not Happy In Your Current Relationship And Should Move On:

1. You feel kind of suffocated within the relationship.

If you’re feeling suffocated within your relationship that in itself should signify a serious issue. If you do not know who you are anymore or how to be without your partner, that is a big problem. As a human being, you still need to be living your life. Living life through someone else won’t ever be enough to make you truly happy.

2. You don’t feel comfortable around your partner.

We should be comfortable around the people closest in our lives. If you’re unable to talk to your partner freely then that should be a huge red flag. Your partner should be the one person you can always go to when in need. He or she should make you feel safe and secure.

3. It seems like you’re always criticizing one another.

When things have gone drastically south chances are you’ll be criticizing and breaking one another down a lot. Instead of being happy to spend time together, you’re going to get on one another’s nerves, a lot. This means you two both need to figure things out and decide if parting ways is the best option.

4. Grudges are being held against one another big time.

When you and your partner are holding grudges against each other things will never work. One or the other will always bring up the past. Moving on and living your lives together cannot be done if one or both of you are still holding onto things that cannot be changed.

5. You are not necessarily ‘attracted’ to your partner anymore.

If you and your partner have allowed your spark to burn out and cannot get it back burning, ending things on proper terms might be the best idea for everyone. You both deserve to be with people who make you feel wanted and if you don’t want each other what’s the point in being together? Life is too short to waste it with someone you’re just not that into.

6. Respect is seriously lacking in big ways.

If you and your partner do not respect one another or perhaps he or she is refusing to show you respect, in general, you should not be together. Boundaries and respect are crucial for proper functioning relationships. You cannot compromise in this area, period.