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While our souls are all unique, the month we were born can reveal a lot about us. Each and every one of us has an animal soul symbol and that animal soul symbol can reveal a lot. 

Whether you believe in this kind of thing or not, the animal soul symbols below might surprise you. If you’re looking to learn more about yourself within you have come to the right place. Take a look at the animal soul symbol associated with your birth month and how that affects you in this life. You may be able to come to terms with more than you could have ever imagined through this.

January – Eagle 

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

You are very hard-working and determined like the eagle. You are stubborn and very set in your ways but also quite wise. While eagles are very intimidating they are quite beautiful which also fits you well. Your power and abilities overall are something many seek themselves.

February – Giraffe 

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

Very much like the giraffe, you like to mind your own business. While you are quite confident you move through life at your own pace. You never let people force you into things you don’t want to be a part of. Your determination knows no bounds.

March – Horse

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

Like the horse, you are very generous and impressionable. You can be a good shoulder to cry on but are also not to be messed with. Sure, sometimes you might let your emotions get the best of you but overall, you keep a level head. 

April – Owl

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

Like the owl, you too are quick to make sure you’re getting what you want but also willing to wait for it if you must. You cannot handle nuisances well and tend to lash out a lot but not in a way that ruins things for you. You are a very motivated person who is more than willing to always go the extra mile.

May – Rabbit

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

As a May person, you are very much like the rabbit itself. You are skittish in the sense that you do not often let others close and strong in the sense that not much can stop you. You like to have your cake and eat it too but in many cases, you are too quick for your own good. 

June – Rooster

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

You love to speak your mind just like the rooster does but are also very much high strung. You don’t know when to slow down and are often in need of being the center of attention. When surrounded by the right kinds of people you flourish big time.

July – Cow

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

Cows are extremely loving whether you realize that or not and so are you. You are the kind of person who would do anything for the people you love. You are often letting others take advantage of your kind heart and that is something you really should be working on.

August – Tiger

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

You are a powerful person who always holds his or her own. You do not let others hold you back and you are always very much sure of yourself. Of course, you do have your weak moments but overall you’re very set on dominating the world around you.

September – Parrot

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

Like the parrot, you’re more social than you would like others to believe. You are reliable and kind but also can be a bit critical. Sure, you’re only human but you’re also one of the most judgmental humans around whether you want to see it or not.

October – Lion

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

October people are very much like lions. They can be social when they need to be but are also very reserved. You are very clever and it works to your advantage but sometimes you overstep boundaries and that can be a big issue in your life. 

November – Deer

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

As a November person, you are very brave but also know your place. You do not do more than you can handle and you know what bounds to stay within to ensure you are safe. You are often a very jealous person who can be quite frustrating to the people around him or her but not in a serious manner. I guess you could say, you’re just a bit odd.  

December – Cat

(Image Credit: Manuchi/pixabay)

You’re not the kind of person who likes to let many people close. You like the cat only show those you really want to be around that you care. Unlike most people, you are both very independent and adventurous. That having been said, you are special because you also know when to slow down.

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