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Sure, we all know what our elements are normally but what is lurking in the shadows of that in itself? Could there be a darker version hiding that we are unaware of?

Well, honestly there is a light and dark side to everything so the fact that you have a shadow element should not come as a shock. If you’re used to only looking at the ‘air, fire, water, earth’ side of things perhaps gaining this new perspective could set something beneficial off within.

While shadow elements will vary depending on where you’re reading from the ones below are quite unique in my opinion. Through learning about them you can and will learn about yourself on a real level. Sure, they are called shadow elements but that doesn’t mean they’re inherently bad, they like all things in this world help us learn more about life and ourselves as a whole.

Before taking a look below at what your shadow element is please clear your mind and take a deep breath. Face this with an open mind and a clear head. You might really grow in big ways after coming to terms with this kind of thing.

Darkness – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

While normally you’re referred to by your ‘key’ element which would be Earth, your shadow element is ‘darkness.’ This is because within the zodiac you who fall into this category or under this element are much more closed off than you let others believe. You are unable to really come to terms with the things you need to come to terms with and you really struggle with letting go and finding the bright side of things.

Void – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Those who belong to the void normally go by the ‘key’ element of Air. As someone who belongs to the void element as well, you are quite empty in more ways than you want to admit. You’re always searching for something more and looking to fill your life as best you can. Those who are present in this element tend to keep things on the more direct side and struggle to come to terms with their own emotions quite often.

Mayhem – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

If you belong to this shadow element you come from the ‘key’ element Fire. As someone who belongs to Mayhem, you are quite volatile and hardworking. You are very driven and always have something that needs to be done. You struggle to calm down quite frequently and often lash out when you should be relaxing and trying to ‘chill.’ That having been said, you do seem to shine quite brightly and are very much loved by many.

Corruption – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

These signs are those that belong to corruption. They come from the ‘key’ element Water. Those born under these signs often struggle to keep themselves in check. They care a lot about the people around them and while they might not seem corrupted, the closer others get to them the more apparent this kind of thing becomes. They let a lot of things go to their heads and they’re far more stubborn than you’d ever expect.