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We are about to move forth into the last full week of December and with that, some interesting energies are coming our way. We are all facing a sense of new birth and growth that only comes with the beginning of a decade.

If you want to know what this last week is going to hold for you or what you should be focusing on during your time at the end of 2019 you have come to the right place. Below you will find an image with three cards. Each card holds its own meaning and the one you’re drawn to is the one with a message for you. Take a moment to figure out which card is the one that speaks to you the most.

Now that you’ve picked your card take a peek below to see what that card means for you. While it might not be what you’d expect, it is something you need to know. Perhaps this could set the mood for a proper start to your 2020.

Card 1 – The Four Of Wands

This card represents happy families and celebrations. It seems that the last bit of time you have to spend here in 2019 is going to be all about feeling good and being close to those you care the most about. Everyone will feel welcome, supported, and properly cared for. This is a great card to find yourself drawn to as the year comes to an end and provides you with a great foundation to move forth on top of.

Card 2 – The Seven Of Cups

This card is one that shows us that there are a lot of things going on around you. You’re being put before tons of different options and you’re taking a bit of time to really indulge in things that perhaps are not as grounded in reality as they should be. This card in itself is a reminder that you can use your imagination to put yourself to work on the things you want in this life. That being said, if you don’t take action you won’t get anywhere don’t leave these wasting away inside of your own head.

Card 3 – The Queen Of Swords

This card is one that represents an older woman in your life who will take place when you need them to the most. Perhaps you’re being protected or helped through a serious problem. While this card can be linked with sadness or pain from some kind of past event, usually it represents some kind of female figure that has been through a lot, offering guidance where it is needed. Maybe you should listen to some unexpected people, they might have more answers for you than you realize.