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When we are tired it can take a serious toll on us but what happens when our soul itself becomes tired? Well, a lot actually.

The more exhausted you feel and unable to get back to normal you are the cleared your soul’s state should become to you. When your soul becomes tired that lost and unable to relax feeling you have will not be easy to get rid of. While you might not have done much, you were putting too much in the wrong places and it left you quite the mess.

The only way to get things back to normal is to give yourself time to figure out where you need to go from here. You have to work with yourself to figure out what you’re passionate about so that you can get the fires withing going once again. If your current schedule is too much stop doing things you don’t want to do and make time for things that feed your soul.

Below I am going to go over some signs that you’re not taking proper care of yourself on a spiritual or energetic level. If these signs are present in your life you need change, big time. When these signs are present you have to work on doing the things you actually love and giving yourself space to recharge.

6 Signs Your Soul Is Tired:

1. You constantly wish that you could go back to the way things were in the past.

When your soul is tired it will make you aware in ways you otherwise might overlook. You will find yourself wishing you could go back in time. The past will appear much more appealing than the present or the future is right now.

2. The more stressed you are the more terrible you feel.

If you’re facing this kind of thing you’re going to notice physical symptoms along with your emotional and energetic challenges. The more stressed you become the more awful you feel. It’s like nothing will ever make you feel better and you’re confused about what is happening.

3. You’re a moody monster and unable to resolve the conflicts raging within.

Tired souls are often moody and frustrated. This is because you’re aware of the things happening on a subconscious level but not able to see them as they are. Your intuitive side is trying to point out what is happening but your mind is not reading into the signs properly.

4. No matter how much sleep you get you still feel exhausted.

The more tired your soul is the more tired you will be as a whole. Sure, you might get a whole night’s sleep but that’s not enough. No matter how much sleep you get you’re still going to feel like you need more.

5. You’ve got a nervous feeling that you cannot shake.

If your soul is tired you’re going to be feeling quite on edge. This is because you’re facing energies you cannot process. Instead of allowing things to flow freely you’re making them all blocked up and stagnant.

6. You’re not working a job that you enjoy.

When you’re working a job day in and day out that you hate it takes a toll on you. Sure, you’re physically tired but your soul is tired too. The longer you remain at that job the worse things will get.