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As most of us already know, Halloween this year is going to be a full moon but not just any full moon. It will be a blue moon which is rare and quite powerful.

This moon will be in the Sign Taurus and it brings a lot to the table for all of us and sure, we know it brings tension but what else does it hold? Well, when it comes to things like that looking to the cards is a good idea.

Below you will find each sign and the card I drew for them. There will be one card for each sign and the things that card means could be something you need to let sink in properly. This might be the thing that you should know in order to move forth with these coming energies properly.

Aries – The Empress

This card for the Aries shows them that they are about to face a challenge that they need to face properly. Rather than getting worked up and lashing out, the Aries needs to be kind and think things through. Sometimes looking at things from someone else’s perspective can make a huge difference in how you handle them.

Taurus – The Devil

For the Taurus, this card shows them that they should perhaps consider trying new things and breaking free. While you might feel constricted and be going through a lot, there are always options before you. Stop beating yourself down and take charge of your life.

Gemini – The Four of Cups

This cup for the Gemini means that there is a lot of thought needed right now. You need to look over the things before you first and act later. Spend some of the time before you searching within and go from there.

Cancer – Temperance

When it comes to people of the sign Cancer, this card really means a lot. It shows that they need to find balance and that making rash decisions is not a good idea. Slowing down right now might be your best bet.

Leo – Wheel of Fortune

As a Leo, this card is likely one you see often. It right now shows us that you’re facing change once again. How you handle the changes before you really set the mood you’re going to be dealing with moving forth.

Virgo – The Page of Pentacles

Virgos and this card seem to have a lot in common as they find one another often. This card for you really brings a lot to mind. It should serve as a reminder that you are talented and capable of so much. Your future is bright if you’re willing to put in the work, do not let current situations discourage you.

Libra – The Hanged Man

For the Libra, this card shows us that taking themselves out of their shoes and placing themselves into the shoes of others is a good idea. You’re not always as right as you might think you are. We all face rough patches in life and you should not be so naive.

Scorpio – The Ten of Swords

Scorpios right now are going to be going through a lot. While October has been hard on us all, the Scorpio is really falling apart. You need to make a plan and stop focusing so much on people who do nothing but use you.

Sagittarius – The Ace of Wands

As a Sagittarius, you’re feeling caged and locked away. This card shows us that whether you want to admit it or not you want to move on. Perhaps you need to dive into something new.

Capricorn – The Sun

Capricorns right now are dealing with a lot but this card reminds us that keeping our distance is important. Just because you might be able to see things does not mean you’re willing to accept them. While you want the truth, perhaps right now you shouldn’t spend so much of your time looking for it, after all, it’s right in front of you.

Aquarius – Death

For the Aquarius, this card shows us that you’re about to face a serious end. While this doesn’t mean you’re going to die it does typically mean something that hurts your heart might be before you. Just remember, you cannot stop the things that are meant to happen.

Pisces – The Six of Pentacles

As a Pisces, this card should remind you that you are not alone. It shows us that assistance comes forth from the things we share with others. If you help, you will be helped in return.