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While most people do not realize this, none of us are truly alone in this world. We all have guides from the spirit realm who are working to help us along and souls manifested on this plane that find us when we need them the most.

Your support system isn’t just made up of people in your life right now, it is made up of your spirit guides, animal guides, angels, and so much more. Chances are you’ve also faced your fair share of soul teachers in this life whether you noticed or not. If you’re willing to look close enough you will notice that this universe as a whole has a lot going on in your favor. The universe wants to see you succeed and every step towards that is you being held up by something that you cannot quite see, but you can feel it, can’t you?

When you feel like giving up, what is it that gives you the edge you need to keep trecking forward? That in itself should be proof of this enough for most. Your spirit guides made ties with you long before you were born into the life you’re currently living. They made plans with you from times that you no longer remember, and they will remain by your side for as long as you exist on this plane, take reassurance in that.

These guides speak to us in things like numbers and meaningful coincidences, and they can help us reunite with our twins if we allow their efforts to work with us rather than fighting them. Far too often people find themselves fighting with their guides to the point where they’re running in circles and seemingly getting nowhere at all. If that sounds like you, chances are you need to slow down and start looking at the small things if nothing else.

If your twin is what you are looking for you need to stop looking entirely. Let your guides point you in the right direction and wait. Things will manifest in the way the universe needs them to, that much you will see as the days continue to unfold. Don’t try to force things, that will only set you further back.

Everything else will come when the time is right and if you progress as you need to on your own pathfinding your twin will happen. the two of you will come back together in time. Don’t give up hope but don’t let your life ride on something like that. There are things that you need to do before you and your twin can find your way back to one another.