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Power colors are something we’ve known about and worked to understand more properly for a very long time now. Basically, there is a color associated with each zodiac sign and that color in itself brings out the most powerful traits within its associated sign.

We all know that everything on this planet carries its own energies and so, colors doing this as well should not come as a surprise. If you’re a Leo and you want to shine a bit brighter perhaps wearing the color of your sign could provide you with exactly that? This isn’t a hard concept to get behind.

Below I am going to go over each sign and the power color it holds, which one is yours? Tapping into things like this can really provide you with a boost you may have never thought you needed. Yes, it can be this simple.

Aries – Red

This color within the Aries allows their passions to flow more freely. If you’re an Aries chances are you find yourself quite drawn to this color already. It is a color that is just as bold as you are.

Taurus – Green

This color for the Taurus brings forth an energy that matches his or her own. It is a natural color that works to bring about growth. If you’re a Taurus chances are this is a color you like to see quite often.

Gemini – Yellow

This color for the Gemini is one that brings about more of their inspired side. You when near this color or wearing it feel more in tune with the world around you but also brighter as a whole. This color really does you a world of good.

Cancer – Silver

This color allows the Cancer to reconnect within. The Cancer suffers from a lot of personal disconnect and the more this color is present the better, honestly. If you’re struggling with getting your thoughts and emotions in sync, this color may provide a bit of relief.

Leo – Gold

This color for the Leo represents all the Leo wants to be. It is intense and powerful, just as the Leo strives for. This color provides the Leo with a sense of power that is like nothing else.

Virgo – Brown/Caramel

This color for the Virgo is something that brings the Virgo out of his/her shell more than you might expect. It represents stability but also holds the Virgo accountable and pushes him/her to move further outward. Honestly, this color is one that the Virgo should wear a lot more often than he/she tends to.

Libra – Light Pink/Light Blue

While a lot of people like these colors, for the Libra they are something that brings out an airy and playful side. These colors are able to put the Libra in a mood that gives others the chance to speak out. I know, that might not sound like much but it is very important.

Scorpio – Black/Maroon

While two very different colors in some ways, these colors represent Scorpio well. For the Scorpio these colors are all about enhancing what is already present. The Scorpio knows what he/she has to work with and from here is only moving in the direction of progress.

Sagittarius – Purple/Royal Blue

This color for the Sagittarius is all about drawing attention away from themselves and giving a bit of room to think. It brings about a clearer mind and allows the Sagittarius a moment to where he/she can really work on the opportunities at hand. I know, this sounds odd but if you’re a Sagittarius, you probably know what I am talking about.

Capricorn – Dark Brown/Muted Grey

These two colors might be odd together but, in general, they both work well in the lives of Capricorns. They bring about an energy that helps the Capricorn to feel more balanced and in control. This is exactly what some Capricorns are in dire need of.

Aquarius – Turquoise

This color for the Aquarius is one that allows their creativity to be the main focus. It highlights the best parts of them and helps to keep the others under wraps within reason. If you’re struggling to get your thoughts unjumbled, try this color in your life.

Pisces – Indigo/Seafoam Green

Both of these colors for the Pisces can be very important. They give the Pisces more of an outlet and allow him/her to feel freer. They are very encouraging colors but all the while a bit filled with connection as well. The Pisces when wearing these colors feels like nothing is able to phase them.