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While energies are high and tensions are rising, things are going to be feeling all over the place. As we move forth chances are you’re looking for reassurance which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

This coming week I feel heavily called on by several numerology numbers and whichever one you’re most drawn to could be revealing a lot about where you are in life and how you need to progress as things continue to move forth. Out of these three numbers which one speaks to you the most? Take the time to think that through and from there take a peek below to see what that number may hold for you.

35, 86, 59

If you were most drawn to 35 you need know the following:

The number 35 is one that represents building and making changes to bring forth a sense of balance. If this number was the one you were most drawn to then chances are those things are very important in your life right now. You have a lot going on and are probably feeling like your hard work isn’t paying off as it should be. Perhaps you need more patience, just because you’re not seeing big results does not mean you’re seeing no results. Look at the small things from time to time, they add up to something huge once all is said and done.

If you were most drawn to 86 you need to know the following:

This number for the most part is a number that shows us you are curious and in need of more freedom. You are working to find balance in your life so that you can get things done and still remain happy. Chances are right now you’re feeling pretty all over the place and lost what you feel makes you who you are. As you continue to move forth you want to work to find yourself as you should. Don’t be too afraid to step out of your comfort zone right now, it might really do you some good.

If you were most drawn to 59 you need to know the following:

The number 59 is one that holds great power. It signifies a need for personal freedom and makes it clear that you’re likely feeling pretty trapped right now. Start doing things you want to do rather than things you only have to do. What you want in life matters, and you need to remember that as you move forward.