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Moon signs, for anyone who may not be aware, are just as important as our sun signs and we should be paying attention to them as well. They are based on the sign the moon was in on the night we were born.

If you do not know what your moon sign is, click here to generate a natal chart and find out what your moon sign is. Our moon signs can tell a lot about us in more personal ways than our sun signs can. Below I am going to go over how we see our own mothers according to our moon signs.

Once you know your moon sign take a look below to see what you may see in your mother. Mine was eerily accurate. Our moon signs control more than you think, they can really help us get to know why we think in the ways that we do.

Your Perception of Your Mother Based on Your Moon Sign:

Aries Moon

You see your mom as the light and airy person you could never be. She is someone you are very connected with in a way you are not connected with others. She is the one person in this world that can really get you out of your ‘work mode’ and into something fun. She knows you better than most people do and this is not something most people can say.

Taurus Moon

You see your mom as a kind woman who was there for you through some of your hardest times, but you weren’t ever able to connect with her like you wanted to. You feel like your mother really goes above and beyond for you.

Gemini Moon

You see your mom as someone who is not necessarily your ‘best friend’ which is fine because a mother isn’t meant to be your bestie. You have to go out of your way sometimes to get her to try and connect with you but once you do the time you spend together is wonderful. Sure, you have a lot of differences but overall things are pretty nice.

Cancer Moon

You see your mom as someone who taught you to do things for yourself. She made you who you are in more ways than most people realize. You are very much like her.

Leo Moon

You see your mom as someone who really cares more about your achievements than you do. She might not be there for you in the ways you think you need her to be but she is proud of you; however, she is not really as open as she should be.

Virgo Moon

You see your mother as someone who doesn’t care very much for you. Your relationship with her is not what you want it to be and you feel like it probably never will be. She never let you really express yourself.

Libra Moon

You see your mom as someone who was very popularity oriented. She wanted you to fit in and have lots of friends even though that is not the scene for you. She did the things she did with good intentions but in the end, it really drove a stake between the two of you.

Scorpio Moon

You see your mom as someone who cares about you more than anyone else in this world. She is your favorite person and you really care for one another and are connected on a deep level. She has done things to support you and be there for you through everything this world has thrown your way.

Sagittarius Moon

You see your mom as someone who tried to isolate you in one way or another. She did it with good intentions but intentions don’t really mean anything now do they? You always saw her as someone who meant well but just didn’t see the error of her ways.

Capricorn Moon

You see your mother as someone who needs other people more than they need her. I know that’s a bit harsh but it’s true. You feel like there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. She has never been able to stand on her own two feet and has always leaned on others to get through.

Aquarius Moon

You see your mother as someone who is far more criticizing than she should have been. She always brought you down without realizing it and even now it bothers you. She is someone you love and care for but you do not get along well at all.

Pisces Moon

You see your mom as someone who needs to change. She is not following the correct path and always putting more weight on your shoulders. While you are more than willing to carry that weight it really doesn’t help anyone. Your mom is unique and special but she takes you for granted.

Now, before you overreact to these things please keep in mind just because you perceive something in one way does not mean that is how things truly are. Look within and find your truth. Did your moon sign tell you anything you didn’t know?