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When we’re dating someone we should accept them as they are, going into things with the intention of changing the other person will never play out how we want it to. Your lover is either worth your time or not worth your time, and there isn’t much room for an in-between.

Below, I am going to go over some signs that indicate your lover is someone you should be putting your best efforts into making things work with. If these things aren’t present in your romantic life, and you feel like you’re trying too hard to make your partner into someone he or she isn’t perhaps ending things is best for the two of you. It might not be easy, but knowing when to walk away is important.

8 Signs Your Lover Is Worth Your Time:

1. Your partner accepts you for who you are.

Your partner is not trying to turn you into someone you’re not. You’re accepted with all of the flaws you hold, and you’re not being forced to change in any way. Sure, you might have suggestions for one another from time to time, but you’re not transforming each other into new people.

2. Your partner knows how to make you laugh.

When you’re with someone that knows how to make you laugh, you should be quite comfortable in your relationship. Laughter works wonders in relationships and can really help relieve tension. The more time you spend together, the better, and who doesn’t like having a good laugh?

3. Your partner is able to support you all the while not smothering you.

Your partner needs to be someone that is capable of giving you your space, but also being there for you when you need him or her. They need to be your shoulder to cry on all the while being able to let you shed your tears on your own if that’s what you want. Not everyone is capable of this, surprisingly so.

4. Your partner is very open-minded.

When you’re with an open-minded partner, you’re with someone who doesn’t mind being wrong. He or she is able to take things to a new perspective and really embrace them for what they are. The more open-minded the better.

5. You’re able to be vulnerable with your partner.

We should all be capable of being vulnerable with our lovers. They are supposed to be the people we’re the most comfortable with, after all. If you can’t be vulnerable with your partner you’re probably feeling a lot more insecure than you want to let others be aware of.

6. You and your partner share common interests.

When you’re dating someone, it’s important to share common interests. Whether it’s something small like liking the same types of movies or something big like sharing the same hobbies, this gives the two of you something to do together. When you can partake in things you like together, you can grow together exponentially.

7. Your partner makes an effort to work through the problems you two have.

Dating someone who is willing to sit down and talk things out is a great feeling. When your partner knows that letting issues sit and stir will make matters worse and wants to just talk it out, you should always be willing to do-so. This kind of thing is found in very few in this day and age.

8. Your partner treats you as his/her equal.

You should never date someone who doesn’t treat you as an equal. You are both on the same level, period. No one is better than anyone.