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While you might get tired of him/her sometimes, your outspoken friend that doesn’t hold back is someone that you should not be willing to let go of. This person is someone who will never do anything to hurt you, they will make sure you know what you need to and will always be there for you.

When you’re acting out of character this kind of friend will be quick to call you out not because they want to upset you but because they care. They will fight for you and really make sure that when you need someone to stand up for you, that you have them if no one else. They are the kinds of people you can rely on when you know things are going down and when they feel you’re being taken advantage of they will be quick to reveal that to you.

Sure, you may have ups and downs with them and there may be periods that you both go through where you’re not talking as much but they still want you to be happy. They still will stand up for you when they hear others speaking about you behind your back, and they will always answer when you call, if you need them they will not just disappear. You don’t have to wonder where they stand or if they actually care because they have proved that they did time after time.

I know, the friends who like to kiss ass and just stick around to have fun are great sometimes, but they cannot hold a candle to the ones who are willing to be real with you as you are real with them. They will always choose to do what’s right and in your best interest even if you aren’t able to see it which is important in the long-run. These kinds of friendships are not something that you see all the time, and they don’t just come around often.

When you find a friend who is willing to share their true thoughts with you and really be there to pick you up when you are falling apart. Fair-weather friends aren’t the kinds of friends you should be putting your all into. The friend who is going to be blunt with you and show you things as they are will always be the one you should keep around above all else.

Stop cutting people out of your life because you don’t see things their way and start being a bit more understanding moving forward. If you’re going to cut someone out, you need to make sure they’re being cut out for the right reasons. Don’t just let go of an amazing friend who will always care for you just because they had to help you understand a hard truth you were not ready for.