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We all have more than one zodiac sign which many people know but when it comes to different parts of our lives we have to keep in mind that different signs can reveal many different things. For instance, our Mars signs gives you an idea of your desires and what really drives you at a core level.

When you generate your own natal chart based on the date, time, and location you were born you get one sign for each celestial body/house. This article is going to focus on the Mars sign specifically and break things down for those who wish to learn more about themselves. This sign shows us what our most basic selves are and where our instincts truly stem from. 

In regards to Mars and its influence Indastro’s website wrote as follows:

Every planet in the cosmic realm governs a particular aspect of our personality or life in general. Your Sun sign reflects how you present yourself to the world and what makes you feel powerful. Your Moon sign gives insight into your inner persona, what’s your emotional makeup. Your Mercury Sign tells how you ponder, process, express and share information. Mars, like all these controls specific aspects of your life. The sign that Mars is transiting through at the time of your birth is called the Mars Sign.

Mars is a red-hot masculine planet. It is raw energy, unlike Sun. Its placement in a sign tells how you physically respond to things, whether it’s sports or sex. Do you love aggressive physically demanding sports or fun team sports? Are you short-tempered or slow burn? What’s your approach to sex, sensual or sexual? Knowing Mars Sign is another effective astrological method to know more about yourself or someone else.

If Sun is confidence, Mars is courage. If Venus is romance, Mars is sex. Mars makes you competitive, strong, adventurous, risk-taking, energetic, ambitious, sexual, impulsive, assertive and aggressive. Your Mars sign gives a picture of your basic desires, animal instincts. Mars is the planet of action. The way you approach your goals comes under the realm of Mars. Your will to take risks and combat challenges also belongs to Mars.

Mars is your immediate response or action in a given situation. For example, someone with Mars in Aries is likely to react in an impulsive way without thinking much but that won’t be the case for someone with Mars in Taurus or Mars in Libra. Whether your approach would be passive or aggressive can be determined through your Mars Sign. Someone with Mars in Leo or Mars in Aries would likely react impulsively and aggressively like fire; however, someone with Mars in Scorpio would certainly respond in a calculated way.

If you don’t know what your Mars sign is, please click here to generate your natal chart. Once you have that take a peek below at your Mars sign and see what it reveals about you. Perhaps there is more to you than even you’re aware of.

Mars Aries 

If your Mars is in Aries you are likely to be quite the impulsive person. You are quick to take action and don’t wait around for anything or anyone. You don’t give yourself time to process most things and are quite volatile in this sense. That being said, you are a very productive person that always gets things done.

Mars Taurus

If your Mars is in Taurus you’re likely a very goal-oriented person. You like to be calm and collected but also are good at flying off the handle. You value stability but also struggle with keeping it in your day to day life.

Mars Gemini

If your Mars is in Gemini you’re probably a bit more high-strung and looking for a change. You tend to use words against others and are quick to speak your mind. For some reason getting the last word in is something you must always do. You don’t know how to close yourself off when you’re really fired up about something.

Mars Cancer 

If your Mars is in Cancer you’re probably a very strong person who is underestimated by most of the people around you. You are always working on helping others but never willing to work on yourself and that can seriously hold you back. Sure, you are a bit quick to manipulate but you also forget how to stand with firm footing when times really get rough.

Mars Leo

If your Mars is in Leo you are a very driven person who feels the need to be someone and create something magical. You are always working hard and trying your best. People are unable to get under your skin in the ways that they want to.

Mars Virgo

If your Mars is in Virgo you are a very practical person. You don’t cut other people down because you want to, only because sometimes you have to and you’re very good at all you put yourself into. You can be a bit too critical sometimes but overall you really work to do all the good you can for the people you care the most about.

Mars Libra

If your Mars sign is in Libra you are the kind of person who thinks everything through. You do not let anything happen without really trying to understand it to the max. You know how confusing and frustrating life truly is and if something isn’t planned out properly, you’re not going to be a part of it. 

Mars Scorpio

If your Mars is in Scorpio you are always challenging yourself and trying to break new bounds. You are one of the hardest working people of the zodiac and you often go overlooked in regards. You might be a bit more willing to use the people in your life to get what you want but not in the ways that most people assume.

Mars Sagittarius

If your Mars is in Sagittarius you are much more likely to show your patient side than anyone else on this list. You don’t waste your time but you also know that in some cases slowing down is needed. You might not necessarily be the best at expressing yourself but you do try as best you can.

Mars Capricorn

If your Mars is in Capricorn you are most definitely a very determined person. You make sure you’re doing all you can when you can and you don’t like being left behind. You don’t often know how to slow down and struggle tremendously as a result.

Mars Aquarius 

If your Mars is in Aquarius you are a very independent person. You like to be on your own and spend time doing the things you love. Sure, sometimes a little company is nice but overall, you hold your own quite well.

Mars Pisces 

If your Mars is in Pisces you are a very controlling person who lacks a clear direction. You go with the flow and try to find pieces that fit but overall are lacking something you cannot seem to come to terms with. Perhaps you need to work within a bit.