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We just faced a lunar eclipse and while it is over, its energies are still quite present. We are all still feeling the emotional charge that celestial event brought forth.

While not a lot of people realize this, we all have lunar eclipse identities. Those being something that are to help us see what it is we are gaining from the event in itself and mine really helped me to understand what I am going through right now. Below I am going to break down how to get your lunar eclipse identity and while it might seem a bit silly, it could really help you understand more about what you’re experiencing.

Lunar Eclipse Identity:

Your Day Of Birth



11-15 ORACLE

16-20 RULER

21-25 ANGEL

26-30 SEEKER

The Last Number Of Your Birth Year

0 – Of Magical

1 – Of Sacred

2 – Of Radical

3 – Of Cosmic

4 – Of Powerful

5 – Of Limitless

6 – Of Experienced

7 – Of Profound

8 – Of Challenging

9 – Of Confusing

Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Strength

Taurus – Vision

Gemini – Dreams

Cancer – Peace

Leo – Wisdom

Virgo – Worry

Libra – Compassion

Scorpio – Ideas

Sagittarius – Pleasure

Capricorn – Mysteries

Aquarius – Truth

Pisces – Growth

Now, once you have these things put them together. For instance, my lunar eclipse identity is Oracle of Powerful Dreams. This meaning that my dreams are going to be powerful during the time these energies are present. I am going to be pushing myself a lot more and really working to break through my limits.

Yes, it is as simple as that. What does your lunar eclipse identity say about you? I for one think this eclipse was a very powerful experience for most of us. Growth is coming for each of us and I for one cannot wait to see where I end up.