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When it comes to numerology and our lives we all have a life path number. This is a number that reveals tons of different things about the way we move through this world and the lives that we each live. 

Now, while not everyone is aware of their life path numbers it seems more and more people are trying to really open up to the concept as a whole. Your life path number can reveal things like your core values, the challenges you’re going to face on some levels, and where your relationships be them romantic or otherwise are heading. If you are not sure of what your life path number is, you can figure it out using some simple math as explained below.

How To Figure Out Your Life Path Number:

Using your date of birth add up the month, day, and year each separately.

 From there add up the three numbers you’re left with and simplify from there. 

You want to get a number between 1 and 9 once all is said and done.

For instance, If your birthday is 12/06/1989 you would begin with (1+2=3, 0+6=6, and 1+9+8+9=27).

You’re going to want to keep the 3 and 6 as they are but simplify the 27 before moving on. You’d do this by simply adding 2+7 and getting 9.

Now that you have all three down to single digits you can move on to add them up and then break them down to get your life path number. 


Taking just the 18 you would do 1+8 and get 9 as your life path number. See, it’s not as complicated as it might sound. Easy enough, right?

Now that you have your life path number you can move on and find the message that falls under your number below. That message will reveal what your life path number has to say about your relationships right now and moving forward. Sure, things might not always be how we would like for them to be but awareness is crucial in more ways than we tend to stop and acknowledge.

What Your Life Path Number Reveals About Your Relationships:

Life Path #1

If you are a life path number 1 you’re likely a bit too bossy in your relationships. If you don’t let your partner live his or her life you’re going to end up losing him/her. You don’t have to be in charge of everything. Sometimes you need to just let things ride out as the universe intends for them too. Your relationships overall are going to be quite rocky until you come to terms with this. 

You are very dependent on your partner whether you want to admit it or not and working to accept that and make it known can benefit your relationship in some of the best possible ways. Things aren’t going to be easy, but they will be overwhelmingly positive if you start putting forth the right efforts with those you love.

Life Path #2

If you are a life path number 2 you need to work on being able to stand your ground. In relationships you let others walk all over you and it leaves you feeling out of control. You need someone who is capable of balancing you out in general and if your current partner isn’t providing that for you then perhaps it’s time to move on. 

Your relationships moving forward are going to be quite important in helping you find your inner voice and learning to speak up. The more negative you are about yourself the further behind you’re going to end up getting. Love isn’t supposed to hold you back, it’s supposed to help you grow stop forgetting or overlooking that.

Life Path #3

If you are a life path number 3 you are someone who is very creative but also sporadic and all over the place, to say the least. You in relationships tend to go with the flow and refuse to focus in the areas where you’re needed the most. This causes a lot of turmoil for you in your love life and ultimately will be the cause of an end to what you’re currently working towards. 

If you want to turn things around and make a real change you need to express yourself without overwhelming the person you’re closest to. Sure, your chaos is appreciated on some level but there is has to be limits. Perhaps you need to put some proper boundaries in place for once.

Life Path #4 

If you are a life path number 4 you are the kind of person who works very hard and forgets to focus on love. Because you tend to let your partner’s emotions fall through the cracks they tend to leave you feeling confused and unaware. If you wake up and take the time to get to know the people around you on an emotional level you can turn this around. Your relationships from here on out are going to be balanced and comfortable if you are capable of the things noted in the previous sentences. 

That being said, you are going to be very lonely as the next few months go by if you don’t follow through. There are people in your life who are tired of waiting around. They want your attention and if you’re not willing to give it, they will move on.

Life Path #5

If you are a life path number 5 you are someone who is extremely loyal. You and your partners are usually great together within reason. Right now you’re in a place where things are really working well. The more adventures you take together and the more care you put forth the better. 

You’re both in a place where growth is very possible. That being said, how things move forth from here will determine whether you grow together or apart. Don’t let your restlessness get the best of you, be willing to communicate properly.

Life Path #6

If you are a life path number 6 you need to let your compassionate side out for a little while. You’ve been so caught up in life and work that you’re forgetting those who matter the most. Stop being so cold and let your loving warmth shine through again at least for a little while.

If you don’t start letting people in and really working as a team things are not going to end up playing out well. You’re usually the kind of person who speaks once everything has progressed too far and you don’t want to do that this time. Use your voice to say what needs to be said.

Life Path #7

If you are a life path number 7 you’re a bit more reserved than most. You are hard to love and don’t like opening up. That being said, opening up is crucial for any relationship when it comes to flourishing properly. 

Moving forth you’re going to be feeling quite out of place and that feeling isn’t going to just disappear. You cannot ignore the things within and need to speak about them. Share with the person who loves you the most, he or she will not judge you in the ways you might be beating yourself up over within your own mind.

Life Path #8

If you are a life path number 8 you need to get a grip on things. You’ve been a mess lately and that is an understatement. You need to find someone who is just as grounded as you want to be and really put your all into them. 

If you’re currently seeing someone now might be the time to break things off and work on your own problems for a bit. You need to find a sense of self that has been escaping you for a while now. Sure, you’re a success-driven person but you’re also still only human.

Life Path #9

If you are a life path number 9 you and your partner are getting along great right now but if you don’t limit the vulnerability you’re showing things will progress negatively. While there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable sometimes, your partner is going through his or her own things and you’re perhaps overreacting in some ways. You need to be willing to give space when space is needed.

The more you push forward the further back your partner is going to pull. He or she needs time and if you refuse to allow that time to play out you’re going to lose him or her. Sometimes we just need space.