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Have you ever wondered what a world of your own might be like? If you really take a look at your zodiac sign you will be able to tell exactly what it is your world would be like.

Below you will find a list of each zodiac and what world theirs would be like if they had their own. We all have our own purpose, and our zodiac signs reflect a lot of that in the traits we are given. Does your world sound ideal for you?


Your ideal world would be full of people with a good sense of drive. You want those around you to pick up the slack and actually do something. When it comes to living properly you would love for everyone to contribute and do their part. Your world would have to be full of good food, friends, and those who do not mind working hard for the things they have.


Your world would be full of people who are not afraid to speak their feelings that still know their boundaries and limits. You are very passionate and are always bringing order to the chaos that is life. People who are on your level that appreciate the finer things in life would be best suited for your world.


Your ideal world would be a world full of friendly people who preferred to mind their own business. While you are a social butterfly sometimes you just want to spend time alone. You love technology so I can only imagine how advanced your world would be. The world of a Gemini would be marvelous.


Your world would be full of love. No one would be able to hate anyone in your world. Everyone would get alone and appreciate one another. Cancers are deep thinkers who often give too much of themselves. In a world designed for a Cancer, it would be the other way around. Everyone would be giving and no one would be taken advantage of.


The world built for a Leo would be exactly as you would imagine. The Leo would be in charge and everyone would love him or her. You would be able to do whatever you want and the rest of the world would look to only you for guidance.


Your world would be empty. You would be the only person left and everything would be yours. You hate being around other people and you are always finding the faults that people wish you could ignore. Because of this solitude fits you well.


Your world would be full of art and creativity. Even the roads would be paved in something amazing. You are much more encouraging and strong-willed than you think. A world designed for you would be a masterpiece to say the least.


Your world would revolve around honesty and be grounded in the truth. Nothing would get past you. The children of your land would grow up with proper values and everyone would learn to get along. You are very strong and would do your best to ensure everything went over smoothly.


Your world would most likely not be as different from our current world as you think. You would still be traveling and finding wonderful places to come back to. That being said, your connections would not be so shortlived.


Your world would be full of imagination and that world you wish you lived in, the one in the books you read and the games you play would become your own. Everything would be full of things this world would never be able to offer. Magic would surround you and all who inhabit your world.


Everything in your world would seem to defy all odds. Your world would be full of happiness and peace; violence would not exist.


Your world would be a place where dreams could come true. Everyone would have their heart’s desire and be connected on some level. The more sensitive and mysterious the better.

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