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Halloween is a unique time of year, surrounded by spiritual significance. It is thought that during this time of year, the veil between the living and spiritual world becomes thinner, making it easier to access and use for divination.

Divination is the art of contacting our higher self, higher power, or spirit guides for knowledge, predictions and insight. Perhaps one of the most powerful forms of divination is tarot. As a professional tarot reader, I read cards almost every single day for clients around the world. To honor Halloween and the spooky nature of it all, and to take advantage of the enhanced energy that is perfect for a reading, I have pulled a card for each sign of the zodiac.

Each card I have pulled serves as a theme for your day, based on your zodiac sign. Happy Halloween!

Aries- Four of Pentacles

The four of pentacles is all about material conservation. While you may feel the urge to spend your cash on any and everything in sight on Halloween, this card urges you to be careful with your spending. You may end up needing that money for something else.

Taurus- The Hanged Man

Taurus, lately, you may be feeling stuck or stagnant, needing to break out of your shell. In order to break the monotony, you will have to let go of whatever it is that you are clinging to. Whether that’s a sense of comfort you don’t want to let go of, because you are afraid of change, or something you just haven’t coped with letting go of yet, this card is begging you to let go and surrender to the Universe.

Gemini- Nine of Pentacles

The nine of pentacles shows an abundant outlook for you, Gemini! Halloween is going to be a time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. If you’ve been working on trying to encourage and attract more abundance- this card is pushing you to take a step back and bask in the abundance already present in your life.

Cancer- The Sun

The sun is a wonderful predictor of an overall happy and successful outlook. It shows that whatever it is you put your mind to on Halloween, you will most likely have a day that is surrounded with joy and success. Take this opportunity to really set your sights on something you’ve been needing a little luck with- because the energy is in your favor.

Leo- Death

Okay, before you get worked up, the Death card does not mean physical death. This card is one of transformation and growth. It means that a part of who you are maybe starting to fall away, making room for a newer and better version of yourself. Don’t fight transformation- embrace it.

Virgo- The Star

During Halloween, Virgo is going to feel drawn to their path of purpose. During this Halloween time, you may truly be embracing who you are in the spiritual sense, and wondering how your path can help you grow and evolve. Spend time on October 31st, really focusing on where you are headed (in a positive direction) and how to get there. Meditate, do some yoga, or get your chakras opened and balanced.

Libra- The Six of Wands

You may be struggling with giving up, because something is becoming difficult for you. The six of wands suggests that it’s better to keep going, and stay the course. You are closer to where you want to be than ever before, even if it doesn’t seem that way. Keep pushing!

Scorpio- The Two of Pentacles

The two of pentacles is all about juggling, readjusting and staying afloat. During this Halloween, you may have a lot going on and a lot of weight on your shoulders, Scorpio. Don’t be afraid to readjust as necessary to keep everything moving smoothly.

Sagittarius- The Knight of Wands

The knight of wands shows a need for action. If you have been trying to decide whether or not to act on a new project, venture or endeavor, Halloween is drawing you closer to the answer. Now is the time to take action- just choose wisely how you act.

Capricorn- The King of Pentacles

Capricorn, this is a great card for your outlook. The king of pentacles is all about finding and maintaining financial and material success and abundance. During this time, you will be feeling much more financially stable and in control of your finances. Take this opportunity to look into practical ways to bring in even more abundance and growth.

Aquarius- The Three of Cups

The three of cups is all about celebrations, good times, and taking a step back to enjoy yourself. Right now is the time to take a step back, stop pushing yourself so hard, and actually enjoy yourself a bit. Cut loose and have a good time- you’ve earned it.

Pisces- The Four of Wands

The four of wands shows things coming together and initial success after a new beginning. In recent months, you have likely started a new endeavor, and you’ve likely been waiting to see how your hard work and effort will pay off. By Halloween, you will likely start to see signs of initial success and see things coming together unlike before. Focus on your win, take a moment to celebrate, and then strategically plot your next move.