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Have you ever looked back at your past self and wished that you could go back to that version of yourself, and give them some useful guidance? If you have, then you may want to hear the following.

Stargirl the Practical Witch is a long-time YouTuber, who specializes in spirituality and tarot and provides useful and practical videos about those topics. She is also a psychic medium and provides free tarot readings online.

In a very recent and popular video, she provides a free tarot reading about what our future selves have to say to us.

While I’ve never seen this type of reading, it’s a really interesting way to perform a tarot reading because it pairs spiritual guidance with fortune-telling in an extremely insightful manner.

In the video, she provides the general reading by asking you to first tune into your intuition and focus on a picture that gives you three options. Ask yourself, your higher self, and your spirit guides to help you choose the option that is for you. Once you have done that, she allows time stamps for you to choose the reading that is right for you.

In this one, she provides you with three different scrolls that appear to be letters. Once you have selected a letter, she goes into depth with a message your future self has in store for you. Below, I have shared the video with you, and the timestamps, so you can take part in the fun as well! Enjoy.

Group 1- 4:37
Group 2- 26:00
Group 3- 52:18

Let us know what you thought about your message from your future self. Mine honestly left me with goosebumps.