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The person who is meant to be with you forever will not disregard your wellbeing. He or she will care for you properly and when you come to them with something, they will take it to heart.

In this world we fall for a lot of the wrong people before we find the right one, that much we cannot just avoid. However, learning how to spot someone who isn’t meant to be with you for the rest of your life can help cut back on this. Your forever person will be someone who gets you entirely. He or she will not want to do things that make your heart hurt or keep doing things that they know leave you wondering where you stand.

The person who is meant to be by your side through thick and thin will not cut corners or pretend that your sadness does not affect him or her. This person will want you to be happy and strive to make sure you are getting all you need out of the relationship as a whole.

When you’re breaking down this person will too break down, that’s how you will know that he or she is the one. They will want to make things better, and they will always go out of their way to help you. When opportunities arise they will talk to you about them and always take your wants or needs into consideration.

Through your relationship, you and the person you’re meant to be with will constantly be growing. You will both become stronger together and figure things out in a way that connects you more and more. If you feel like with each passing day your partner is becoming more of a stranger to you, he or she is not the one.

I know this might sound a bit confusing to some but once you’re experiencing this kind of thing, you will get it instantly. Your partner for life won’t be just another fling that isn’t going to go the extra mile for you, he or she will be someone that lifts you up and shows you what it’s like to truly be happy. Life isn’t as cut and dry as we make it out to be and going through the rough things you do with others helps shape you for what is to come.

When their words match their actions and everything is as it should be, you will know you’ve found the one. Your forever person isn’t going to break you down or make you wonder if he or she is even worth the wasted time. Time with your forever person will never be wasted and you will not have to question things in the way you did in the past.

Love might not be easy but it’s not going to tear you apart like you might think it will. If the person you’re with keeps hurting you even after you bring something to their attention, they don’t actually love you. You will be in the relationship you’re meant to be in someday, make sure you’re not giving too much of your effort to people who aren’t worth it.