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When it comes to each zodiac sign they do have things in common on some levels but the way they go about things is entirely different. While one sign might kill people with kindness others are much more deceptive.

Below I am going to go over the different emotions each zodiac sign is quick to bring out when they really want to get their way or when they know something is about to go in the wrong direction. These are things that each sign has worked to perfect and they all know too well how to get things done in regards. How accurate is yours and do you use this emotion often? While it might seem a bit wrong to play this kind of thing up, in the end, it almost always does as intended.

Aries – Apathy

As an Aries. you use apathy to your advantage. When things do not go as planned you make those around you think that the plan that fell through was not something you wanted to begin with anyway. This in some cases is enough to turn things around entirely as surprising as that may sound.

Taurus – Anger

As a Taurus, you are quick to anger when something is not as you feel it should be. You do not let other people tell you no and you always go to the extent of basically forcing them into whatever it was depending on how badly the situation has progressed. Your anger is a force no one wants to face.

Gemini – Neediness

As a Gemini, when you want to get something done you bring out your needy side. People like to do things for you because of the way you go about asking them. You make them feel extremely important.

Cancer – Unpredictability

As a Cancer, getting people to do what you want can be complicated. You bring out a side of you that those people do not see often. This in many ways can be a bit scary but your unpredictability tends to work in your favor, that’s for sure.

Leo – Pride

As a Leo, you let your pride do all the talking when things are not going as planned. You back the other side into a corner and as the lion you are, you take them down. While this is not always the best option, it gets things done.

Virgo – Disgust

As a Virgo, you make it seem as though you are completely disgusted with the outcome to the point where others are begging you to allow them to try again. This can be quite damaging to some depending on how you play through it and you should be careful about that. While you might not realize it, you’re a bit intimidating.

Libra – Detachment

As a Libra, you know the best way to get things to go how you want them to is to pretend you’re pulling away. When you pull away others cling to you. Because they want you in their lives they will do what they feel they need to do to make you feel comfortable enough to remain as you are.

Scorpio – Jealousy

As a Scorpio, you play into jealousy big time. You are the kind to fight fire with fire in the most deceptive ways. Sure, it might not have been war to begin with but it is now.

Sagittarius – Rage

As a Sagittarius, you are not often the kind to bring this side out but when you do, it gets things done. If you’re going through something or it seems like things aren’t going as planned, you give into the side of you that holds all of your anger. While you tend to work best in this place, it is a very dark one that you should not spend much time in.

Capricorn – Love

As a Capricorn, you fight bad situations with love. You bring kindness to the door and really work to change the situation as a whole. You are one of the more positive signs in this sense and most are no on the same page as you in regards.

Aquarius – Sadness

As an Aquarius, when you want to get your way you play things up in a sad way. You pull the pity me card out and make sure to show it to everyone. The more you do this the more you realize how willing people are to help you depending on the situation at hand.

Pisces – Boredom

As a Pisces, you when needing to work through something pretend you’re bored and that you’re no longer interested in it. Because of this severe change those around you will pick up on things. They will work to engage you once again even if you’re pretending that you don’t want to be engaged at all.

(Image Via: Pixabay)