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Each and every one of us has a zodiac sign. This sign makes up who we are in many ways and shows us what traits we may have as well as what the Universe could have in store for us.

Below I am going to go over some of the things in relation to love that you should keep an eye out for over the course of the next two months. With October almost at its end and November well on its way, 2018 does not have much time left. Sure, you might not see it just yet but these things are coming and you need to be aware of them.


The rest of 2018 is going to have you feeling pretty uncomfortable. A lot of the things you would not have expected to happen are currently happening in your life. This is extremely overwhelming and as you grow closer to someone within your life a spark will ignite. If you haven’t already gotten things going they will happen soon, do not be discouraged.


The rest of 2018 is going to have you feeling connected with a lot of people. You are going to feel conflicted in more ways than most and it is not something that is easy to overcome. You are going to work through this but you will also be giving too openly to those closest to you. Perhaps you need to focus more on actions than words until this year comes to an end.


The rest of 2018 is going to be treating you as if you are the only one anyone has eyes for. People are going to be coming out of the woodwork to find you and make you fall for them. That being said, your heart is already spoken for whether you realize it or not.


The rest of 2018 is going to be quite confusing for you. While you are working to find yourself you will also be learning that perhaps in doing so you will lose someone you care for. Sometimes we think we love someone only to find that they aren’t as right for us as we had hoped they would be. This is a lesson that might be very hard for you to learn.


The rest of 2018 is going to be one in which you finally find someone worth committing to. You are going to want to settle down and whether you do or not the feelings will be quite present. Think things through before moving forward.


The rest of 2018 is going to be taking you out of your comfort zone. You are going to be acting much more recklessly and parts of your mind that normally do not bug you are going to be screaming. Just because something seems fun doesn’t mean you should dive in, you are a very cautious person for a reason.


The rest of 2018 is going to have you finding happiness for once. You are going to be focusing on yourself and not obsessing over finding love or being with someone else. You will be working within to really overcome your own problems before finding someone to be with.


The rest of 2018 is going to be difficult for you. Your heart is going to be thrown through the ringer and you might not know how to react. While this is something you and the person you’re with will get through it will be quite troubling for your relationship. Overcoming this will bring the two of you very close together.


The rest of 2018 is going to bring you to really try and go above and beyond to impress that special someone. Whether he or she is already your partner or you are trying to really convince them to give you a chance something positive is coming your way. Now might be the time to really put your best foot forward.


The rest of 2018 is going to shove you face to face with someone you have not seen or spoken to in a long time. This is someone you think about a lot and will finally be able to get the closure you need from. While this is a hard situation to face it is one that you cannot avoid.


The rest of 2018 is going to teach you that life is a lot more complicated than we think. Every time you think you get something figured out it gets messed up again. Perhaps asking for help and talking things through will benefit you in a big way. You will know exactly what I mean in time.


The rest of 2018 is going to allow you to find the good in someone you thought had none. You will be falling for someone very unexpected. This might be the ‘sweep you off your feet’ moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Don’t waste the opportunities before you.

Image via Today’s Free Horoscope