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While a lot of people are looking for love, how can you really tell if you’ve found ‘the one’ or if you’re stuck in something that is going to play out to be quite toxic? Well, apparently listening to your body might be very important. 

Throughout the years, science in many ways has discovered how our bodies react differently when we’re with someone we actually connect with. Since the connection we have with the people we’re meant to be with is so unique, our bodies can really make things known if we’re paying attention. Your body and emotional self are very connected when you’re feeling a deep sense of love, your body is going to react accordingly.

Signs Your Body Sends You When You’ve Found ‘The One’:

1. You’re actually happy.

When you’re with someone you’re actually connected with properly you’re going to be happy. You’re not going to feel overly nervous or unable to be yourself. Things will really fall into place quite functionally and you won’t be running around like a chicken with your head cut off. For those moments when you’re reflecting on this happiness, The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom” by Jonathan Haidt can be a companion in understanding the deeper aspects of happiness in relationships.

2. You’re physically attracted to him/her.

Physical attraction is not something that can be compromised on when it comes to real relationships. When you find the one your body is going to really work to let you know. You’re not going to be able to fight off the attraction you’re feeling within. This person really gets you hot and bothered, like no one else can.

3. You feel very warm and open when you’re together.

When you’re with this person you don’t feel like you have to close yourself off or be insecure. You’re comfortable and very free as a whole. You don’t sit stiff or struggle to figure out what to say. Brené Brown’s “Daring Greatly” encourages this openness, teaching us the power of vulnerability in love, making every shared silence and spoken word with your partner even more meaningful.

4. You are free to be yourself completely.

When you’re with someone who is meant to be by your side you’re not stuck wondering if they will accept you. You can be yourself with them on every possible level. While you might not usually be so vulnerable with others, with this person you can show sides of yourself no one else has ever seen.

5. You are very into his/her scent.

Smelling him/her literally helps you to relax. You’re drawn in to the scent of your partner because they are part of your safe space. This is a huge sign that you’re with someone who has a deep connection with you that cannot be broken. The Scent of Desire” by Rachel Herz delves into why their smell is a solace, an anchor in the swirling sea of life, deepening the invisible, yet palpable, bond you share.

6. Cuddling is almost second nature.

You both find yourselves unable to get enough of one another. You are always cuddling and spending time together. The deeper the connection, the more you’re really going to crave that touch.

7. You cannot get this person off your mind.

When we are with someone that we really like our mind will not let us stop thinking about them. While you might, for the most part, equate this with new love, but it can be quite lasting for many. If you’re really into someone, this will be quite hard to break free from. The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker, while focusing on safety, also teaches us the value of trusting our instincts, reinforcing the trust in your feelings towards your partner.

8. Your gut tells you he or she is ‘the one.’

Your gut is a huge indicator of where you are in love. If your gut is telling you that someone is not good for you, listen to it. Your gut will make it very clear if you’re with someone that is actually knocking you off your feet.

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